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General Characteristics Females

     Gemini Sign is a dual sign, airy in nature and male by gender. Since the sign is ruled by Mercury the natives of this sign are intelligent, smart and have a good speech. Lord Krishna who is considered an avatar of Vishnu was born with this ascendant. Having said that it is not that ideal an ascendant for either males or females. The duality (changing moods) associated with the Gemini Sign creates troubles for the native. But surprisingly this is one ascendant where having bad planets like Sun, Ketu, Rahu or Saturn in ascendant actually yields good results. Lord Krishna had Ketu in ascendant. 

Benefics and Malefics

Venus alone is the benefic for this ascendant.

Mars is the most malefic planet being lord of 6th House and 11th House. Jupiter and Sun are also malefics.

Moon and Mercury are neutrals for this ascendant

Physical Features

Girls are slim and tall with a oval face. They have a prominent nose, could have curly hair, dark complexion (most likely dark if Saturn or Ketu occupy ascendant). They have thin and long arms, veins could be visible. 


Females of this ascendant are smart, fast-paced, quick thinkers and critical in speech. They are blessed with a very good memory. Gemini is a dual sign and that sometimes result in mood swings. There are times when they can have emotional breakdown especially if Moon occupies Ascendant. Having said that they hold their own most of the times and can think rationally and talk sensibly in many dire situations. They are excellent communicators and can be assertive in speech. They have great career in marketing, communication, disaster management and emergency situations. Any place where quick thinking and good communication is required is where females with Gemini Ascendant show maximum potential. They have very good argumentative powers and can do excellent work as researchers and places like News Panels etc. 

Marriage & Family

Gemini Ascendant natives have a fiery sign in 7th house which fetches them partner with some anger issues. Gemini Ascendants have a neck for finding fault of others. Naturally that doesn't go well down with their partners who have a short temper. Females are short sighted in romance and often fall head over heals very quickly. They often marry under impulsive thoughts and desires. Unless the partner is understanding all hell is bound to break loose if there are some frictions in marriage. Females of this ascendant are advised to keep their anger and mood swings in check. They do not like restrictions imposed of them by partners and it would be better if they opt for partners who respect their freedom and individual choices. 


Kind, Clean and Hygienic, Understanding, Good memory, Energetic and Obedient


Unstable mind, talkative, too much into confrontation, unable to take decisions when nervous, like argumentation when none is required


Heart Diseases, Skin problems, blood pressure, indigestion, dehydration, stones in stomach and flatulence are all possible. 


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