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General Characteristics Females

     Aries Sign is a movable sign, fiery in nature and possesses masculine energy in abundance. Aries Ascendant is not so ideal for females in certain places where their individual freedom is restricted but brilliant placement where there is free speech, equal opportunities and no gender bias for them.

      The placement of Jupiter and Moon are ideal in Aries Ascendant. Placement of Sun is great for health but it also gives ego problems. Other planets are less ideal for Aries Ascendant. Venus in ascendant is not so ideal for female natives with Aries Ascendant. 

Benefics and Malefics

Jupiter, Sun and Mars are benefics for Aries Ascendant with Jupiter being the best benefic.

Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics with Mercury being the worst malefic being the lord of 3rd House and 6th House.

Physical Features

Females have a long face and wiry hair. They have prominent eye lashes, redness on face and mostly light brown eyes. They have some sort of scar on head or near eye. They are medium in height and slim. They look quite in control of things.


Females are energetic, dominating and quite impulsive. They are aggressive in speech and demeanour. They possess independent thinking and love imposing themselves on others. They dislike being deprived of freedom of choice and can get into fights to protect their rights and dignity. Ideally they have a great career in management. They are the types which every top corporations want in their firm to get things moving. The female quality of assertive speech is always with them which makes them potent at work place. In countries where there are restrictions on freedom for female and dress sense imposed on them is where they struggle the most. 

Marriage & Family

Females with Aries Ascendant are sexually active. They like to dominate the partner and it is advised that they get a partner (male or female) who doesn't mind being submissive. Two aggressive personalities cannot stay together for long and frictions are bound to cause separation. Also they need to check their impulses before marrying or entering a relationship. They are very quick to fall in love but most of the time love is based on physical needs. Planets like Rahu and Mars in ascendant or Venus-Mars relationship is sufficient to create havoc in married life as well as for family members so caution is advised.


Smart, kind, independent, full of vigor and vitality, courageous, music lovers, optimistic, assertive, honest and modern in thinking and approach.


Angry at drop of hat, instability and troubles through rash actions and behavior, very impatient, make quite a few enemies through actions and speech, spoil many a relationships.


Stomach and intestine problems, piles, boils, acne, sever headache, skin problems, blood impurities possible. Even injuries to head possible. 


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