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Aries Ascendant/Mesha Lagna Males

     Aries Sign is a moving sign, fiery in nature and possesses masculine energy in abundance. Naturally Aries Ascendant is ideal for males in most place. It provides them with abundant aggression, vigor and physical energy. The placement of Jupiter and Moon is ideal in Aries Ascendant. Placement of Sun is great for health but it also makes individuals ego maniacs with habit of talking too much. Other planets are less ideal for Aries Ascendants.

Benefics and Malefics

For Aries Ascendant the planets Jupiter, Sun and Mars are benefics. Jupiter is the best benefic while the next is Mars.

Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics with Mercury being the worst malefic being the lord of 3rd House and 4th House

Physical Features For Males

Aries Ascendant males have medium height. They are generally thin. If there is weight it is not evident and instead good chiseled muscles are possible. They have reddish complexion with scars, pimples and boils possible on the face. They have an injury mark on head or near the eyes. They have prominent eye brows with long face and neck. 


Aries Ascendant Males are energetic, ambitious and hot tempered. If there is good influence (Jupiter and Moon) then they can be confident, enterprising and courageous. Otherwise bad influence is generally a sign of an ill-tempered, impatient and impolite, straight-talking individual. Bear in mind it is not as bad as it suggests. Aries Ascendant Natives like to speak the blunt truth but deep down inside they have a golden heart. They can go out of their way to help others even at their own expense and well being. People often confuse their straight talk for arrogance. Aries Ascendant males can remain active and agile even during bad times. No amount of hardships can keep them depressed for long and they are quick to take action during adverse scenarios. 

The downside is they are impatient and ill-tempered a not so good sign for carrying out business. They can make very good employees but generally business is less favorable for them. Ofcourse aspects and influences also decide their career. As they are very competitive they can have a good career in sports and other competitive events. Also career in Marketing, Project Management, Army and Transport is possible where there are time constraints and targets need to be achieved quickly.

Marriage & Family

They are quite sexual and love physical relationships. Love for them is more or less associated with physical attraction. With Venus in ascendant they could be quite romantic and in some rare cases potential flirts. They are quick to fall in love and even likely to go for impulsive marriages. In some cases they are likely to be violent in relationship.


Smart, Kind, Independent, Full of Vigor and Vitality, Courageous, Music Lovers, Optimistic, Honest and Modern in Thinking and Approach.


Angry at drop of hat, instability and troubles through rash actions and behavior, not magnanimous in defeat, quite a sexual libido, very impatient, make quite a few enemies through actions and speech, spoil many a relationships.


Stomach and Intestine problems, Piles, Boils, Acne, Sever Headache, Skin Problems, Blood Impurities possible.


Not to do rash driving or death defying stunts as they can invite instant death especially if there is association of Mars and Saturn. 


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