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     Saturn does not get along with many planets especially with Sun, Moon and Mars. Saturn's enmity with Sun and Moon are well-known. But Mars and Saturn share a very complicated relationship. Both do great when together in a friendly sign or involved in Parivartana Yoga. But in an enemy sign or via mutual aspect they wreak the life of person who has this unfortunate scenario. Essentially Saturn is cold and slow while Mars is hot and fast. Saturn loves patience while Mars loves action. Saturn prefers solitude while Mars prefers warmth and company of friends. Saturn is calm but revengeful while Mars is angry but forgiving. They are quite opposite and obviously don't get along too well in matters of ideology. 

Saturn-Mars in single house not so bad

     When Saturn and Mars are in a single horoscope sign then there maybe troubles. But on bright side if there is own sign or friendly sign then these combination does wonders and native with such combination is sure to be a doctor, a surgeon, an engineer, in information technology or computer field especially hardware. In short he is bound to have a successful career although family life maybe a bit troublesome. But overall this combination is wonderful especially in friendly or own signs and native would be happy and successful in the long run. 

Saturn and Mars in a Parivartana Yoga

     As described earlier Saturn and Mars involved in a Parivartana Yoga is a blessing to have. Natives with such combination become prominent doctors, surgeons, engineers, IT experts and technicians, in steel, iron and metals manufacturing and many other related fields. They are generally hard working, calm yet quite active and agile. Such qualities eventually make them rich and successful in life. Parivartana Yoga between Saturn and Mars ensures native rises on his own merit and is a success story due to hard work and own efforts. 

Saturn and Mars Mutual Aspect Generally Bad

     If Mars is in Gemini and if Saturn is in Sagittarius they they mutually aspect each other. In such case they are sure to create hurdles in each others functionalities. There are twelve ways as such where they can mutually aspect each other. Saturn aspects the third house, seventh house and the tenth house while Mars aspects the fourth house, seventh house as well as eight house. So if Mars is in Ascendant and Saturn is in fourth house then both aspect each other as Saturn casts a tenth aspect on Ascendant and Mars cast a fourth aspect on fourth house. In this way also there are twelve ways where they get in each other's way and if you count seventh aspect then there are twenty four ways when these two opposite and problematic planets can cause havoc in your life. 

     In simpler terms there are twenty four combinations possible where troubles are guaranteed for you in one way or other. When two opposing forces collide they are sure to create frictions. Newton's law of motion also states that an object in motion stays in motion until an opposing force acts on it. Say your Mars is giving you positive results but the opposing force Saturn aspects and put brakes on its positive results. If Saturn is good then aspect of Mars who is the opposing force is bound to make it bad. In such scenarios the stronger planet generally dictates normal routine. But from time to time the other planet is sure to show its effects.

Mental Disorders and other Deadly Diseases due to Mars-Saturn Aspect

   When you see a person with Split or Multiple Personality Disorder or a person who suffers from extreme mood swings or one who has habit of exploding into anger or going into long periods of solitude then that person is quite likely to have Saturn and Mars aspecting each other. Mental diseases are all but certain in this scenario. Also mood swings and personality disorders are likely. Other more fearsome diseases like leukemia and other forms of cancer, paralysis, alzheimer(if Mercury is involved) are also possible via Mars-Saturn association. 


    Quite a scary story for those who have this aspect. But fear not. Natives with mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn are not always likely to be extremes unless both planets are weak. But to avoid such scenario's prayers to Lord Shiva are a must. Also prayers to Vishnu or Ganesha are advised. Not only that regular pranayam especially Anulom Vilom, Brahmari Pranayam as well as OM Mantra are recommened. They should try light exercises and sports which build fitness and character. Such natives should avoid competitive sports, heavy exercises, grueling workouts and other activities which ignite their temper. They should eat vegetarian food and consume milk on regular basis. If they are non-veg then they should only eat fish, eggs and chicken. They should avoid red meat at all costs. They should eat less salt and sugar and try to do brisk jogging. They must try to read Bhagwad Gita on regular basis especially chapter two and twelve. They should also try to detoxify their body regularly via various treatments if they have finances to do so.


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