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       Mars popularly known as Mangal is another planet along with Saturn who invokes unparallel fear in the minds of people especially for those who are of the age where marriage takes priority. A Mangal Dosha is a tragedy for the bride/groom and their parents yet a boon for the astrologers. No one is bothered to know that the very word "Mangal" means good and auspicious. Ofcourse Mars is a fiery planet and has his sort of problems associated with itself but it is better to understand why this fiery planet is so angry and cold before making any judgement on people who are influenced very highly by this planet.

     Mars is considered a male planet. To be more precise people born under the influence of Mars are the macho types. These includes females also. The ladies who like to order, shout and get angry to get things done are mostly under the influence of a strong Mars in horoscope. Mars has a lot of high octane energy. People under the influence of Mars keep on doing relentless work, want everything on time, get angry at smallest inaccuracies of co-workers or employees and worst of all keep others on their toes. Mars hates laziness and lies. These are the reasons why they are the ideal employees but not-so great employers. Mars is least likely to cause downfall of others. They may get angry, make enemies, use harsh speech but they rarely ever keep enmity for lives. They may get angry very fast but their anger also calms down after some time. But none the less Mars does have its share of handicaps. 

    Mars is impatient and very harsh in speech. People under influence of Mars often make rash decisions and make enemies out of people due to their high moral values and principles. The world is not so honest and sincere. It is full of scums and leeches who thrive on looting and cheating others. Since Mars cannot stand these things he is always at logger-heads with these people. A bride or groom who has Mars in a prominent position cannot compromise on his/her ideals and principles. That is why a lot of quarrels happen and eventually divorces happen. Ofcourse astrologers do not help the cause by matching partners with Mars or Saturn in a prominent position of the partner. 

   Mars association with Sun gives boils, skin problems, anger and heat related disorders.

   Mars with Moon gives the famous Chandra-Mangala Yoga which give wealth, fame and happiness to the native. In a bad sign or bad horoscope house Mars+Moon combination may give a wounded warrior out to get revenge and one who is driven by hatred.

   Mars+Mercury are poles apart but slowly and gradually try to co-exist and eventually success follows. Eventually the smart and articulate Mercury and the ambitious and fast-paced Mars start to work together and native becomes very successful in life.

   Mars+Jupiter is probably the best combination. When relentless energy and quck actions of Mars meets the wisdom, long-sightedness and knowledge of Jupiter, success is sure to follow especially if it is in ascendant.

   Mars+Venus makes for a flirt and a obsessed lover be it a male/female. Mars is lust while Venus is love, Mars is agression while Venus is romance. Native is often love struck multiple times but on a bright side his romantic life is rocking. Also wealth is good.

   Mars+Saturn or Mars and Saturn aspecting each other are also very bad. Considering both are enemies it is better if they are not together in horoscope or aspecting each other.

   Mars+Rahu is also bad considering both are enemies. Equation with Siblings maybe difficult and some problems with neighbors and team members in a workplace are possible due to them.

   Mars+Ketu is similar to Mars+Sun and gives problems of skin, rashes and even burn injuries. 

  Mars in generally accepted as a malefic planet and does have its share of handicaps. But on the bright side, Mars influenced people easily sacrifice their own goodwill for people they care. They would give up their profit for others to avoid loss. If any sort of association with Jupiter is present they could even bear loss if those they care for are profited from their sacrifice. Most of the prominent actors, sportsperson, celebrities and good army commanders have Mars in a very good position. Mars influenced people do great in places where everything needs to be done on time like railways, airports and armies. They make very competent lawyers and deal makers. 

  Some people are born for the benefit of the community. They are there to make a difference. Mars influenced people are one of them. They may not be the most charming people to stay around but they are the most trustworthy, hard working and kindhearted people to be friends with. 

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