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About Scorpio Sign

     Scorpio Sign is known as Vrischika Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Scorpio Sign is watery by nature, female by gender and rules over the north direction. It controls the uterus, bladder and excretory system. Mars is the lord of Scorpio Sign while Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. It gives Kapha Dosha.

Moon in Scorpio Sign

     Moon in Scorpio Sign is debilitated. Scorpio natives(natives with Moon in Scorpio Sign) are often mentally weak and panic unnecessarily. But they are hard working, extremely clever and blessed with a sharp memory which is able to accurately remember minute information. As long as someone doesn't hurt their feelings they behave in a friendly, helpful and compassionate manner. If their feelings are hurt they are prone to resort to vengeance to get even and behave in a spiteful manner. No matter what the inner scenario in the head the outward physical appearance of natives is calm and composed.

General Character

     Natives have big eyes, pointed nose and long neck. They often have wrinkles on forehead. A peculiar trait is their ability to talk continuously without ever understanding a given subject of discussion. They have very hard time explaining their point across to others. There have dull facial expressions which makes it difficult for them to get the point across. If this small flaw is overlooked they are great people to be with who are ever ready and willing to help others without any sort of expectation in return.

     Scorpio natives are not the type to cause harm to others for personal benefit. They might even let go of profit for others to avoid harm. There are exceptions involved especially when Saturn or Mars are associated which makes Scorpio natives think of personal benefit first but in normal scenario when no malefic association is present Scorpio natives are kind and considerate to others. Natives are creative, focused and can put considerable efforts into task at hand. While they have a weak mind it generally doesn't affect their ability to do hard work.

     The symbol for Scorpio Sign is a Scorpion and like a Scorpion it gets on with work until harassed or if someone gets in its way. Once someone makes enemies with such natives they go full on out to take revenge on enemies and get even. Natives are warned to learn the art of forgiving and forgetting to progress. 


     Career for natives may have some ups and downs. Moon in sign of Mars is a sure shot career in medicine and chemicals. A career as doctor, pharmacist, chemist, engineering, chemical processing or electronics is possible. Also career in criminal investigation, army, detective agency, insurance and banking sector is possible. Natives have hard time trying to get their point across which makes it difficult for them to sell their products. Generally advised to do role in service sector. Although Business may favor them if other positive factors are present in horoscope. 

Marriage and Family

     Family for natives is a mixed baggage. They generally do not derive much help from parents and make their career through their own efforts. Relationship with siblings is on shaky grounds. Sometimes its decent but other times there are possibilities of fights and legal cases for inheritance.

     In matters of marriage the partner be it male or female is the better half. 7th from Scorpio Sign is Taurus Sign which signifies a beautiful/handsome, well-cultured and good partner. There maybe issues with partner due to anger, difference of opinions and suspect attitude towards partners morality. Scorpio natives are advised to avoid unnecessary suspect on spouse as well as avoid petty arguments and fights. Scorpio natives are very caring for their children but as the children grow up there are bound to be difference of opinion with the children especially sons. It is best to let children take their own independent decisions in life once they grow up.


Revengeful, indecisive, unwilling to change. 


     Health may sometimes be fragile. There are problems associated with small intestine and sexual organs. urinary tract infection, problems in bladder, rectum, excretory system and vagina/penis are all possible. Area around these parts is ruled by Scorpio Sign so afflictions in Scorpio Sign cause diseases in these areas. Infection and inflammation are common in private parts for natives with malefics or afflicted Scorpio Sign. Other common diseases include cold and pain in neck. Scorpio natives are prone to accidents and injuries.

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