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About Sagittarius Sign

     Saggitarius Sign is popularly known as Dhana Rashi (not to be confused with dhana bhava) in Vedic Astrology. Sagittarius is a fiery sign, male by gender and rules the east direction. It causes Pitta Dosha. It controls the thighs. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Rahu is said to be debilitated in this sign. 

Moon in Sagittarius Sign

     Moon in Sagittarius is in the sign of its friend Jupiter. Sagittarius natives are kind, independent, simple and trustworthy. They have firm faith in religion and God. They are endowed with all the good and bad qualities of Jupiter. They are somewhat lazy and prone to anger but on the bright side they are benevolent, healthy and fortunate. 

General Character

     Sagittarius natives are medium in height with a muscular and sturdy body, long face and big ears. They have slanty eyes and speech is direct. They are happy and fortunate and own a good number of friends. They are blessed in matters of vehicle, property and mother. Sagittarius natives prefer an independent lifestyle free of interference. Ofcourse it normally doesn't happen leading to frustration and anger in natives life. They are straight talking and fearless in approach. Sagittarius natives have good health and a dominant personality. They can easily subdue their enemies when the need arises. Natives may get angry at others but quite unlikely to hold a grudge over a long period of time. Natives like to give advise but do not take kindly to those who offer them unnecessary advise. 


     In career matters any profession associated with speech is ideal to pursue. Career in teaching, management, administration, as a doctor, business tycoon, personality development, religious priest, spiritual guru and even journalism can fetch good income. Any profession associated with Jupiter is also ideal to pursue. Sagittarius natives can pursue business but they are advised to avoid partnership in business. Also to keep away from Stock Markets and Gambling. 

Marriage and Family

     For Sagittarius natives family relationship are complicated. They don't like interference in personal life but can't resist speaking their mind in matter of others. Naturally relationship sour due to it with family members. Inspite of it they have a very kind and loving mother who cares for their well being. They have better equation with friends as compared to family members. They have a good amount of friends and well wishers. In a marriage personal space and privacy is required for marriage to endure. Many a times Sagittarius natives prefer individual freedom in relationship. Sagittarius natives are advised to not let anger get the better of them in relationship. Relationship with children could be difficult.


Anger, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Not Emotional.


Diseases may include cough, cold, typhoid, stomach and shoulder pain. Also possible are pain, cramps and injuries in calf muscles. Sagittarius natives are generally blessed with good health and long life.

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