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     When an astrologer starts to read a horoscope there are two things he is definitely going to check. One is position of Saturn for bad results and and another is position of Jupiter for good results. Jupiter is the most benefic planet in a horoscope. Popularly known as Guru in Vedic Astrology, it is the significator(karaka) for wealth, happines and well being. A well placed Jupiter in a horoscope suggests a successful and happy life.

     Jupiter is one planet which alone in a good position can liberate someone from all other negative influence present in a horoscope. It gives a positive outlook in life, provides a calm personality and pleasing appearance. A strong Jupiter signifies a person who is learned, smart, calm and dignified. Jupiter gives firm and unwavering faith and makes a person endowed with infinite knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter along with Ketu are the only two planets capable of providing Moksha which is liberation from life and death.

     Jupiter maybe the most benefic planet in a horoscope but it does have its share of negative influence like any other planet. People with Jupiter in a prominent position often are a bit chubby. Jupiter promotes well being but unfortunately it promotes laziness and gluttony. Jupiter causes a person to be fat, chubby and easy going. When there is a crisis at work they maybe the calmest persons in the office but they will leave the pro-active work to people with strong Mars. They are the ideal employers and marriage partners but not the most ideal employees. They rarely take up challenges which require them to sweat and they rarely have to drop a sweat to achieve something in life. Jupiter's association with most planet is good apart from Rahu.

     Jupiter with Sun provides high intelligence, genorosity, administrative abilities and influental government position. 

     Jupiter with Moon gives the famous Gaja-Kesari Yoga. Even Jupiter located in Vishnu Sthana from Moon gives these blessed Yoga. Native becomes Intelligent, wealthy, beautiful, learned, famous and full of virtues. Lord Ram had Gaja-Kesari Yoga in Ascendant

     Jupiter with Mars gives magnamous personality though some anger and arrogance possible. But overall it is great for career, health and gives a kind and philanthropical  nature.

     Jupiter with Mercury may sometimes give a Con-Artist out to fool others. But generally it gives a learned and articulate person who has knowledge as well as smartness how to use it to become successful in life. 

     Jupiter with Venus may vary as both are enemy planets. Sometimes it gives wealth, luxuries and sensual pleasures in abundance. Other times it may not be the case cause Jupiter and Venus are inimical to each other. 

     Jupiter with Saturn gives mixed results. Sometimes it gives a hardworker, realistic and self made person but other times Saturn may put a full-stop on Jupiters positive traits with his negativity and prevent the native from getting success he/she can achieve. Native with Jupiter+Saturn is likely to be economical in spending. Saturn aspecting Jupiter may cause troubles in life and bring miseries to the native. 

     Jupiter with Rahu is the worst of all. It gives the cursed Vipra-Chandal Yoga. The native may get low returns, could be conned by others or may lose fortune due to bad investment. 

     Jupiter with Ketu is good for spirituality. Like Jupiter with Rahu there are chances of bad investments or loss of fortune which causes heavy losses.

     All said and done, the benefits of Jupiter far outweigh its drawbacks. People with a strong Jupiter are kind in nature and wonderful friends and family members. They easily get help from all spheres of life. People who crave for an easy lifestyle should definitely hope for a well placed Jupiter. Those less unfortunate souls who do not have a good disposition of Jupiter should make their way up the ladder through sheer hard work and dedication.

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