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Vishaksha Nakshatra Description

Vishakha Nakshatra is the sixteenth nakshatra among 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. While the first 3 Padas are located in Libra Sign the last pada of Vishakha is in Scorpio Sign. The presiding dieties for Vishakha are Indra and Agni. The Gana(Trait) of Vishakha is Rakhshasa(Demonic). The ruling planet is the benevolent Jupiter. Vishakha is also called Anuradha which is the birth star of Sun while it is also called Radha who is known as the consort of Lord Krishna. Vishakha has the nature of its deities Indra and Agni which is full of splendor and vigor albeit for a short period of time. 

Physical Features

Vishakha natives are round, bright and physical appearance is attractive. Some natives are obese and tall while others have a short and lean structure. Vishaksha females have delicate features and a soft and pleasing voice but underneath the delicacy lies a very strong character. 

Character & General Events

Vishakha natives can be like Indra who provides rain for sustainment of life and Agni who provides warmth and light. But they can also be like a raging thunderstorm or an uncontrolled forest fire. The important point to note is they need the guidance of Jupiter(Brihaspati) or some moral teacher to channel their brilliance and rage.

Vishakha natives are full of vigor and vitality and possess intelligence of the highest order. They are firm believers in God but do not believe in orthodox principles or age old traditions. They are fond of adopting modern ideas. They treat all religion, caste and creed as equal. Vishakha natives are also impatient, aggressive and quite quarrelsome. They are quite active but not so much popular. Their aggressive behavior is disliked by others. Also they have lot of pride and are easily offended. They may have enemies due to hot temper and arrogant nature.

Education & Career

Natives born in Libra Sign in the first 3 Padas have strong diplomatic skills. Vishakha natives are best advised to do independent business or high responsibility jobs. Career as Psychologist, Medical Diagnosis, Counseling, Investigative Journalism and Scientific Research is best suited. Due to good oratary skill natives could also be good Politicians. 

Family Life

Vishakha females are quite appealing to opposite sex and generally have a fortunate marriage. Husband is good natured and wealthy. Female natives are likely to have very few children. Female natives are fond of travels and travel often with their partners. Vishakha natives have more enemies as compared to friends. Vishakha natives do not get appropriate love or care from mother owing to death of mother or other unforseen circumstances. Although they respect their father very much and father also is the more doting of the two parents there are bound to be differences with father. This makes the natives hard working and self made individuals since childhood. Although they love their partners they are prone to addictions or extra-marital affairs. These traits cause problems in family and social life. 


Intelligent, Spiritual, Good Communicator.


Quarrelsome, Restless and Aggressive. 


Health remains normally good but natives are prone to paralytic attack especially after 55 years of age. Ashthma is also observed among natives.


Vishakha Nakshatra is also known as Radha. It is natural for natives to go in solace of Shree Krishna. Also prayers to Jupiter(Brihaspati) are essential who is the teacher of all Devas. It helps them to channel the abundant brilliance and anger they possess to help others rather then hinder.

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