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Swati Nakshatra Description

Swati is the fifteenth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. Swati is ruled by Rahu and the presiding deity is Vayu. All the 4 Padas are located in Libra Sign and the Gana(Trait) for swati is Devta(Godly). Though Libra Sign is the sign of balance, Rahu sometimes creates imbalance and unrest in the lives of Swati Natives. Unless Saturn is involved the inner feelings and outer behavior of Swati natives tends to be poles apart. Having said that great celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, M. K Gandhi, Jimmy Carter among others are born in this nakshatra. In short this is the nakshatra of celebrities especially if both Moon and Ascendant are in Swati Nakshatra. 

Physical Features

Natives both males and females are attractive and alluring. Females have a distinguished speech and manner of walking. 

Character & General Events

Swati natives have mysterious behavior. The outward calm and composed demeanor due to Libra Sign's balanced persona is hindered by the inner turmoil and uneasy feelings brought forth by Rahu who always wants more. Swati Natives cannot stay at one place and like to travel as and when they please. While Rahu encourages taboo breaking activities which are anti-social and unlawful the balancing view of Libra Sign rarely allows that side to be in public view. They may be enticed to pursue taboo activities in secret but outwardly they love to show Professionalism and Good Mannerisms.

Education & Career

Generally Swati Females have a truthful and straight forward character. While males are thoughtful and slow in their actions they are brilliant at analyzing work based on intelligence and logic. Swati Males are religious and somewhat orthodox. Swati natives are peace loving but prone to be hot tempered and revengeful when instigated. They are adamant in their views and independent in their approach. They do not level criticism at others and cannot handle criticism leveled at them. Period after 30 years sees growth in business and professional sector. Swati natives have ideal career in Travelling Sector, as Pharmacists or Diplomats, as Goldsmith and as Politicians especially if Saturn in involved and Swati is Ascendant.

Family Life

Swati natives do not have an ideal married life. While the outer picture is a happy married life the inner reality is different. Native may have no stability in matters of money and place of accommodation.


Business Minded, Friendly, Independent


Hot Temper


Rahu always brings long and mysterious diseases in native whose cure is not easily available..


Swati natives should pray to Goddess Saraswati and Bhairav (Avatar of Rudra/Shiva). They can also pray to Durga or Shiva. 

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