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Chitra Nakshatra Description

Chitra Nakshatra is the fourteenth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The first 3 Padas are located in Virgo Sign while the fourth and last pada is located in Libra Sign. The Gana(Trait) for Chitra is Rakshasha(Demon) while the symbol is an oyster with a pearl in it. Mars is the ruling planet for Chitra nakshatra and the presiding diety is Vishwakarma who is the god of all creation.

Ideally a nakshatra of warrior Mars in the sign of talkative Mercury(Virgo Sign) or extravagant Venus(Libra Sign) is not ideal. Yet this natives learn with time and gain extraordinary success especially those born with Moon in Virgo Sign. Chitra Ascendant is considered auspicious for males but inauspicious for females. 

Physical Features

Chitra natives have a lean body. They maybe stout and tall sometimes.

Character & General Events

Chitra Males are clever, successful, dexterous and direct in speech. Females are fickle, competitive and a little selfish. Chitra females with Moon in Libra Sign are expensive and luxurious. They are fond of perfumes, cosmetics and expensive items. Chitra in Libra Sign can give a Flirty Personality, Libidinous Nature and possibility of Extra-Marital Affair due to the Mars+Venus relationship. Chitra females born with Moon in Virgo Sign are a little Masculine and Sporty. 

Education & Career

Chitra Males are thoughful and profound in approach. They are great with machines and tools be it mechanical or surgical equipments. Virgo born Chitra Natives are creative and technical while Libra born Chitra Natives are more Artistic and like Music, Acting etc. Period between 33 years and 54 years of age will be golden period for natives.

Chitra natives are fantastic planners. They have ideal career as Software or Hardware Professionals. They can also make good surgeons. In addition they can make a successful career in army planning and intelligence, real estate developers and Libra born natives can also become Actors, Designers and Musicians. Natives born in Chitra Nakshatra especially in Virgo Sign can also excel in Sports especially Females. Those born in Libra Sign can compete in Dancing Events, Acting and Talent Shows to prove their mettle.

Family Life

Natives derive love and respect from their siblings and parents but sometimes difference of opinion is possible with family members. Generally Chitra natives live separate from home and family members. Native enjoy a great repo with mother and get gains from mothers relatives. Married life is not cordial and frictions are possible. Though divorce is unlikely unless other inauspicious yoga are present.


Artistic, Independent, Innovative Thinkers and Intelligent Planners


Quarrelsome, Critical (in Virgo Sign), Immoral and Spendthrift (in Libra Sign)


Difficulty in internal organs especially kidneys and bladder as well as tumors and appendicitis. 


Praying to Goddess Durga. Ideally those born in Virgo Sign should pray to Ganesha while those born in Libra Sign can pray to Goddess Durga.

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