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     6th house is also called Rog Sthana or Shatru Bhava. No matter how rich or influential a person becomes as long as there is sickness and enemies in his life he cannot enjoy peace and happiness. A sick person can be surrounded by heavenly angels, given elixir and nectar and provided with all the comforts and luxuries which money can afford yet when there is sickness and diseases there is no way he would enjoy them. From an astrologers perspective 6th house is the key to unlocking mysterious health conditions, debts or career as an employee. It is one of the Dushamsthanas. 

     6th house is the significator for servants, maternal uncle and aunts, enemies, diseases and debts. 6th house gives concise information about diseases and type of diseases which plague the human body. For example Shukra in 6th house gives high probability for diabetes, drug-addiction and also increases the chances of sexually transmitted diseases. Guru gives obesity and gluttony. Chandra and Budh make up for a weak mind and nervous disorders. Surya gives boils and all sorts of skin problems. Ketu gives problems of intestine. Surprisingly planets like Shani, Mangal and Rahu give good results especially in an influential rashi. Major sports stars and some politicians have an influential 6th house. Placement of 6th house lord or 8th house lord or 12th house lord in 6th house gives a strange yoga called Vipreeta Raj Yoga in which person rises from ashes like phoenix and becomes successful in his life.

     6th house is also the house of debts. It gives a surprisingly clear insight on the matters and subjects where there are high chances of creating a debt. By carefully looking into the 6th house an individual can know where to invest/not invest his fortune so that he can gain profit and avoid debt. 6th house is also house of enemies. The more hostile planets in hostile sign the more chances of a person having enemies. Some maybe disguised as your friends and well-wishers. 6th house is the best bet to finding your enemies and ways to counter them. Over and above that addictions of any type can be deciphered using planets located in the 6th house. 6th house is also the house of servants. In simpler terms whether you are born to be satisfied with your office role or whether there are chances to open your business can be know through combination of 6th house and 10th house. If there are more placement and aspects of planet on 6th house and no real strength in the 10th house your entire life would be spent as an employee or as a person who gives maximum service for minimum returns. 

     6th house is one of the hell houses but when there exist problems in life there also exists solutions to overcome those problems. When there are diseases there can a search for cures. When there is a debt there is the will and effort to eradicate that debt. When there are enemies in life then people become smart and conscious as to not slip up. 6th house is the house which creates problems and obstructions in order for an individual to grow by overcoming them. 

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