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No Vipreeta Raja Yoga In Old Texts

     Vipreeta Raja Yoga like Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) didn't have much prominence in the early Vedic Astrology. But later in modern astrology these yogas have gained prominence. Vipreeta Raja Yoga (VRY) is a yoga formed when the lord of dushamsthanas are located in dushamsthanas. There are a host of rules for occurence or cancellation of these yoga which are discussed in details in this article.

What is Vipreeta Raja Yoga?

     The first and foremost thing to understand is Vipreeta Raja Yoga is essentially a dushamsthana planet in a dushamsthana placement. In mathamatics two negatives always result in positive but in astrology it is not always the case though astrology is highly influenced by mathematics. Even if VRY occurs in life it actually take time before it gives fruition just like Neech Bhang Raja Yoga. Normally period of 36-42 years may already have passed before the circumstances turn Vipreeta or opposite to past and current bad scenario. Life is always ready to provide opportunities to individuals but the Prarabdha determines whether the concerned native would make the most of ray of hope provided or let it pass. 

Types Of Vipreeta Raja Yoga

First we would look at the various types of Vipreeta Raja Yoga

1. Harsh Yoga: When lord of 12th house is in 6th house then Harsha Yoga is said to be formed. Some text mention lord of any dushamsthana house in 6th house gives rise to Harsh Yoga. This yoga makes a person fortunate, happy, invincible, strong, sturdy, wealthy and famous. 

2. Sarala Yoga: When lord of 8th house is located in 8th house then Sarala Yoga is formed. Some text say lord of any dushamsthana houses in 8th house causes Sarala Yoga. This yoga makes a person long-lived, fearless, happy, invincible, learned, a terror to his enemies, wealthy, famous, celebrated and prosperous.

3. Vimala Yoga: When lord of the 6th house occupies the 12th house, Vimala Yoga is formed. Some text say lord of any dushamstahana in 12th house causes Vimala Yoga. This yoga makes a person independent, endowed with noble qualities, wealthy, happy and economical in spending. 

Rules For Cancellation of Vipreeta Raj Yoga

There are rules of cancellation of VRY which are mentioned below.

1. The lord of Dushamsthana Houses is also a lord of Laxmi Sthanas

2. When there is Parivartana Yoga between any of the Dushamsthana House Lords. 

3. Lords of 10th house or Laxmi Sthanas should not be present in the dushamsthana house where VRY occurs. For example: For Mithuna Lagna lord of house 6 is Mangal. If Mangal is located in 12th house then Vimala Yoga is formed. But if Guru or Budh is also present with Mangal in 12th house then the result of VRY won't be obtained. 

Going Against Flow Of Events

     Vipreeta Raja Yogas are too difficult to judge just like NBRY. Countless permutations and combinations have to be deciphered before coming to the right conclusion. What is generally observed is most of natives with a dushamsthana lord in dushamstha house are presented with some sort of help against the flow of circumstances. Some take that helping hand and do wonders in their life while others keep on looking for all the lights to turn green and they never do turn green. If you have a dushamsthana planet in a dushamsthana location the best thing to do is keep calm and work towards a fixed goal. When there is an opportunity presented that same calmness and previous efforts would give fruitful results.

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