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What is Parivartana Yoga

     Parivartana Yoga (PY) is the unique yoga which occurs when two planets exchange each other's houses. It is called Exchange of Houses in astrology. Ancient Vedic Astrology doesn't tell much about such yogas and most astrologers tend not to focus on such yogas. Parivartana Yoga is not a Raja Yoga but kind of symbiosis agreement between two concerned grahas which is mutually beneficiary.

Rules of Fruition/Cancellation

     What has largely been observed is this yoga can occur quite frequently in either the Lagna Chart or Navamsha Chart and due care needs to be given before judging whether such yoga would prove fruitful or not. Some of the rules for fruition/cancellation of Parivartana Yoga are described below. 

1. PY (Parivartana Yoga)  can provide beneficial results if it occurs in either Lagna Chart or Navamsha Chart.

2. If two natural benefics (Guru, Shukra or Chandra) exchange houses then the resultant PY is very good.

3. If two natural malefics (Surya, Mangal or Shani) exchange houses then the resultant PY is decent.

4. If a natural benefic and natural malefic exchange house then the rusult is somewhat good.

5. If there is PY between lords of Vishnu Sthanas then the result is best. It is icing on cake if rule 2 and rule 5 both occur in a horoscope. 

6. If there is PY between lord of Vishnu Sthana and Laxmi Sthana then results are very good.

7. If there is PY between lord of Vishnu Sthana/Laxmi Sthana and Dushamsthana then the result is not as desired.

8. If there is a PY between lords of dushamsthanas then result is good but resultant Vipreeta Raja Yoga gets cancelled.

9. If there is a PY between lords of 1st ,2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th house then results are good but if lord of 3rd house does Parivartana Yoga with any house in horoscope then result are not as desired.

10. PY doesn't give desired results if the two planets doing Parivartana Yoga are in bad placement in the Navamsha Chart. 


      Unless there is a Parivartana Yoga between natural benefics, lords of Laxmi Sthanas/Vishnu Sthanas or natural malefics in a dushamsthana the desired results are not observed. There maybe a couple of benefits obtained by the resultant yoga in other locations but native has to work hard to obtain those good results. The very essence of Parivartana Yoga is CHANGE FOR THE BETTER and it can only happen when there is Purushartha applied. 

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