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What is Gaja-Kesari Yoga? How is it formed?

     Gaja Kesari Yoga (GKY) is formed when the noble Jupiter occupies Vishnu Sthanas from caring Moon or Ascendant. Gaja means an elephant in sanskrit while Kesari means a lion. There are different interpretations of the meaning of this yoga but what has been observed is the native with such yoga is influential and formidable but at the same time calm, composed, learned and humble with others. In simpler terms he is courageous like a lion but smart and peaceful like an elephant.

Considerations For Fruition

     Jupiter in Vishnu Sthanas from Ascendant or Moon is not a big deal. It could happen in a lot of horoscopes. Yet not all of them get the benefits of GKY. What is important is Jupiter is in one of the Quadrant House which are First House, Fourth House, Seventh House and Tenth House and in a favorable astrological sign and not aspected by malefic planets. That happens quite rarely. Jupiter and Moon in Trine Houses namely the First House, Fifth House and Ninth House may also cause Gaja Kesari Yoga. The best type of GKY is formed when Jupiter+Moon are together in Vishnu Sthanas from ascendant and located in Cancer Sign or Pisces Sign. Even Sagittarius Sign which belongs to Jupiter can lessen the effects of GKY as it has a fiery nature which doesn't go well with Moon who has watery nature. Auspicious placement of Jupiter+Moon in a favorable sign also gives rise to Laxmi Yoga. It is very likely that such natives enjoy full benefits of GKY. GKY doesn't give expected results if Jupiter is in Capricorn Sign, aspected by enemy planets or bereft of strength.

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