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What is Dhurdhura Yoga? How is it formed?

When there are planets on either side of the Moon then yoga known as Dhurdhura Yoga is formed.

Examples of Dhurdhura Yoga

Results of Dhurdhura Yoga

The native is bountiful. He will be blessed with much wealth especially good means of transport like quality cars or many cars.

Conditions Of Dhurdhura Yoga

There should be planets located in 12th house from Chandra and 2nd house from the placement of Chandra in a horoscope. If Chandra is in Simha Rashi then having a Guru in Karka Rashi and Budh in Kanya Rashi would give an excellent Dhurdhura Yoga. But if Budh is in Karka Rashi which is the house of its enemy and if Guru is in Kanya Rashi where Guru cannot show his natural magnanimity the Dhurdhura Yoga even if present doesn't give that good results.


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