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What is Sunapha Yoga? How is it formed?

     Sunapha Yoga is one of the yogas for wealth as described in B.V. Raman's 300 Important Combinations. When there are planets other then Surya placed in second house counted from Chandra's position in your horoscope.

Example of Sunapha Yoga in Horoscope

Results of Sunapha Yoga in Horoscope

The native begets self-earned wealth and lives a happy and successful life much like a king. Here king equates to one who has certain royalties and privileges and not necessarily a king who administers over subjects. Native is intelligent and wealthy. He/She also achieves respect among society and peers through his/her own efforts


The placement of Mangal, Shukra, Budh, Guru or Shani in second house from the house where your Chandra is located at birthtime causes this auspicious yoga. Naturally the strength of the placement is of paramount importance. If you have Chandra is in Simha Rashi it pays to have Budh in Kanya Rashi and beget the Sunapha Yoga as Budh is exalted in Kanya Rashi and Chandra in Simha is also great. Also Lagna would decide the strength of this yoga. If this yoga occurs in Dushamsthanas or in an enemy rashi then the desired result is not achievable.


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