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     In Part 1 of the 3 Part Series we saw how Pitru Dosha is wrong done by our forefathers. In Part 2 we understood that Pitru Dosha in a horoscope is due to past life wrongs and the the answer lies in deciphering the yoga which forms the Pitru Dosha. In part 3 we would look at Pitru Dosha Yoga formed in various houses and its impact. When you see a Visha Yoga or Shani-Surya in same house or Vipra Chandal Yoga in your horoscope the first thing that comes to mind is how to cancel its effect. Well the problem is these yogas do not cancel off so easily. No matter what your astrologer tells you if a Pitru Dosha is formed at birth time it means there are difficulties waiting for you in this life. What remains to be seen is whether you can rise above those difficulties and live a life which is useful to mankind. Lets look at Pitru Dosha in various houses: the reasons, the effects and the horoscope houses where it can do the most damage.

Pitru Dosha in First House

Pitru Dosha especially Shani-Surya, Grahan Yoga and Visha Yoga is comman in 1st house. It is quite certain that you had hurt someone with your ego (Shani-Surya in 1st house), given emotional stress and hardships to others (Visha Yoga) or even fooled someone in the past (Grahan Yoga). Well the odds are high you would get similar treatment in this life. The worst would be effects of Visha Yoga and Shani-Surya yoga as they also affect the important 7th house and 10th house through drishti/aspect. 

Pitru Dosha in Second House

Odds of you having taken or stolen someone's hard earned savings are high if Pitru Dosha is in 2nd house. Also there is high chance you were involved in secret illegal dealings. Chances of you having emotionally or physically hurt your family members are also possible if Pitru Dosha is in 2nd house. The important matters of happiness, debt, career, income and savings can be affected by Pitru Dosha in 2nd house. 

Putru Dosha in Third House

3rd house having Pitru Dosha suggest problems with siblings, neighbours and team members at work place. There can be fighting over property matters with your brothers and sisters. Neighbours could be rough and you could have a hard time getting your point across to other team members at work place.

Pitru Dosha in Fourth House

4th house is one of the Vishnu Sthanas and quite important. It rules happiness and Pitru Dosha in this house suggests quite a lot of troubles. 4th house  also rules old age so old age could be a bother with one of the Pitru Dosha in 4th house. Relationship with mother who is the source of all learning and happiness in childhood is also affected. Besides loss of land and other miseries are quite possible due to a Pitru Dosha in 4th house. Relationship with parents and parents-in-law, the boss at workplace could also see some difficult moments.

Pitru Dosha in Fifth House

Children and Reputation are adversaly affected by one of the Pitru Dosha in 5th house. Other possible matters may include regular income via aspect on 11th house. Perhaps the relationship with wife in case of Vish Yoga via aspect on 7th house or even emotional turmoil and loss of savings is possible via aspect from planets causing Pitru Dosha in 5th house.

Pitru Dosha in Sixth House

Pitru Dosha in 6th house gives mixed results. In some cases debt, disease and losses both personal and financial follow. Some other times income through irregular means like sports is possible. The rashi and lord of the rashi play an important part in deciding how the Pitru Dosha would bear fruits. But in general circumstances difficulties via foreign trips, health issues and debt is common scenario when Pitru Dosha is in 6th house.

Pitru Dosha in Seventh House

Pitru Dosha in 7th house is not necessarily bad for marriage unless ofcourse there is Shani+Rahu or Mangal+Shani and any association with Rahu. There are very likely to be frictions in marriage but divorce is less likely scenario. Partner could be into extra-marital relationship, hard-luck via aspect on 9th house if any aspect, career and earning can also suffer via aspect on 10th house and 11th house. The worst houses likely to lose the most via Pitru Dosha in 7th house are 1st house which deals with health and character and 2nd house which deals with family and life savings. 

Pitru Dosha in Eight House

One of the less likely houses to cause troubles due to its placement. Relationship with in-laws is ruined and if divorce happens is quite painful and leaves ill-feelings towards partner. There can be troubles from IRS/Income Tax Department. The houses which are aspected stand to lose the most from Pitru Dosha in 8th house. 

Pitru Dosha in Ninth House

9th house is the house of luck. There are times when you require some luck to close the gap on competitors and that is not possible due to Pitru Dosha in 9th house. Furthermore 9th house also governs teacher. When in doubt a good Guru can clear your doubts and guide you on the righteous path. But with Pitru Dosha in 9th house it is safe to assume you have incured wrath of forefather or your Guru. Not the most ideal place to have Pitru Dosha the aspects and the placement both cause havoc in life. Also belief in spiritual matters is less which maybe the last resort in some cases for retribution.

Pitru Dosha in Tenth House

10th house governs career. It is very likely that career is in disarray and no fixed career path is possible. Boss at Work could be a jerk. The worst part of Pitru Dosha in 10th house is the direct aspect on the 4th house which is the house which governs happiness. Youth years are governed by 10th house so it is very likely your youth is full of hardships. Relationship with parents especially the father could have adverse effect due to Pitru Dosha in 10th house.

Pitru Dosha in Eleventh House

11th house governs earning and gains. Most likely the place of working changes frequently or quite possible that income is never stable. Frictions with children, bad reputation and losses in share markets are possible via aspect on 5th house. 11th house also governs gains. Promotions and Raise in Salary are quite difficult to come with Pitru Dosha in the 11th house.

Pitru Dosha in Twelfth House

12th house is by far the worst house to have a Pitru Dosha. There are huge financial, emotional and physical losses. There is debt, disease and feuds due to direct aspect on 6th house. The worst part is the other aspects are not favorable either. 12th house with Pitru Dosha provides little or no respite for the individual. Few options like Monestary or Research Fields are the only possible abodes for this tough yoga.

Some Hope In Despair

     Pitru Dosha is bad news by all means but knowing is changing. Once you know that you have a Pitru Dosha in your horoscope and in a particular house you can work on remedies to lessen it effects. What needs to be done is to acknowledge that wrong has been done and then there is sufficient time to work on getting things right. If you believe in Vedic Astrology then it is imperative you believe in Theory Of Karma and Gita's 2nd Chapter 13th Verse: 

देहिनोऽस्मिन्यथा देहे कौमारं यौवनं जरा ।

तथा देहान्तरप्राप्तिर्धीरस्तत्र न मुह्यति ॥

The soul (inner-conscious) gets birth, enjoys youth and gets old after which the soul begets another body. So calm people are not perturbed by their current state in life.

When Life Gives Lemons

     It is a lot easier to say and a lot hard to accept. There are people who could have lost most of their life in misery but crying about it won't bring it back. What can be done is improving the remaining life and make it a life which helps other less fortunate soul. When you start trying to improve life of others sooner or later Karma catches up and starts to offer you good fruits. You just gotta believe in karma that is all. If you have any comments or question feel free to ask in comments section or drop in a query by filling form in Contact Section. 

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