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     There is a common misconception in astrology that bad yogas in horoscope lead to poverty. Most astrologers are quick to blame Kemdrum Yoga. Visha Yoga, Pitru Dosha, Angarak Dosha, Shrapit Yoga and Grahan Yoga for poverty and misery that befalls in native's life. There is no denying of the fact that natives born with such bad yogas do see personal tragedies, disease, debts, despair and hopelessness in their life.

     But there are also horoscope charts which make it clear that poverty has nothing to do with bad yogas in horoscope. For example: Salman Khan is the most bankable star in Bollywood. He has Visha Yoga in his horoscope and from time to time he does see heartbreaks and failures in relationships. But he still commands one of the largest pay cheques for signing films. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani is born with Grahan Yoga which is a form of Pitru Dosha. Not to mention his Second House has Saturn in it. Yet he is one of the richest man in India. Bill Gates is one of the richest person on this planet and he has Kemdruma Yoga which supposedly makes a person poor. 

     Most powerful person on the earth currently is Mr. Donald Trump. He is born with Shrapit Yoga and Grahan Yoga. Yet he is rich, powerful and influential beyond anyone's wildest imagination. No doubt he has seen divorces, debts and a lot of fair and unfair criticism. But leaving those aside there is no denying the fact that Mr. Trump is a rich and successful individual. So what is it that makes these successful individuals different from others with similar bad yogas? The answer is strength in Eleventh House and Second House. Eleventh House rules income while Second House rules savings. As long as there is strength in Eleventh House or Second House, native would not see poverty in his/her life.

     Poverty is generally a result of a very bad Second House or Eleventh House and good planets like Jupiter, Venus and Moon in Dushamsthanas or lacking strength. If you want to eradicate poverty from your life then you gotta strengthen your Eleventh House and Second House. As long as one of these houses have strength there is no chance of poverty entering your life.

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