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     Everyone loves Rags To Riches stories. But more often then not its Riches turning into Rags. There are far more instances of billionaires turning into slumdogs as compared to slumdogs turning into billionaires. In stock markets and gambling atleast this scenario is seen at every step of way. There are millions and millions of people who put all their investment in a bad stock or bet it all on a game of dice. They lose all their hard earned money in one single swoop. If one observes the horoscope of all these individuals who lose money instantaneously there is high probability of Rahu in a problematic position. 

      There was an article written some time ago named Rahu: Instantaneous Karma Balancer which explained how Rahu just like Saturn is a karma balancer. It gives back both good and bad fruits that an individual deserves based on previous karma. There's no problem if Rahu wins you a lottery and makes you an instant billionaire. The problem starts when Rahu gives bad fruits of your karma and turns you into a slumdog. The effect is quick and instantaneous. You don't get time to react and before you know it you are in neck deep trouble. There are countless horoscope charts which have Rahu in troublesome positions in the birth chart. When Rahu moves or aspects the Dushamsthanas(Sixth House, Eight House or Twelfth House) is when troubles start and before they know it there are huge losses. In worst cases there can be depression and even deaths. Rahu clouds the mind to the point that its unable to think rationally and logically. 

rahu losses n
rahu losses s

     Above is an example chart of a stock investor. Rahu is in Twelfth House at time of birth along with Saturn causing Shrapit Yoga. The concerned native was doing Future Options in stock markets which is a form of prediction based gambling. Native kept placing risky bets on how the stock markets would fare. For two years the concerned native kept generating good profits and minor losses. Native made millions and was over the moon. But when Sun joined Rahu in Eight House everything started turning upside down. Everything that native had earned during those two years was lost in stock markets. In less then a month's time native went from being a millionaire to a being a nobody. There are countless such examples where Rahu causes natives to take irrational and illogical risks in life. In many of these cases the natives may even commit suicide cause they can't see any way out of troubles. 

     Everyone fears Saturn due to hardships it gives. Saturn does give troubles but it also gives the courage and patience to deal with those troubles. Rahu on other hand doesn't care about teaching anything. The speed with which Rahu causes devastation is unparalleled. Rahu is the one planet in Vedic Astrology who turns your world upside down in an instant whether for the better or for the worst.

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