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Ardra Nakshatra Description

Ardra is the sixth naksthatra among the 27 nakshatras. All the 4 Padas are located in Gemini Sign. The ruling planet is Rahu while the symbol for Ardra is a human head. The presiding diety is Rudra. Gana(Trait) of Ardra is Manushya(Human). Since Rahu rules Ardra and location is in Gemini Sign which is the house of Mercury & Rahu the natives have been shown to have characteristics of both Rahu and Mercury.

Physical Attributes

Large face, curly hair and sullen expressions have been observed. Though any fixed physical trait is difficult to associate with Ardra natives owing to the mysterious nature of Rahu. 

Character & General Events

Ardra natives are determined in their responsibilities and get the job done by any means necessary. Moral and Values often take a back seater and success by hook or crook gains precedence. Ardra females in addition to these traits are also extravagant in their lifestyle. Ardra natives are active thinkers and can change personality as the situation demands. This is the trait which brings them success in Management Roles in Big Corporate Enterprises. The ability to be active and be comfortable with change is liked by all Major Companies. Sometimes Ardra Natives have been known to become arrogant, impolite and sarcastic. But general observation is that they are caring and concerned for others well-being. Due to Ardra location in sign of Mercury there are times when Ardra natives tend to talk a lot on a wide range of topics. Special care is required not to spill out secrets.

Education & Career

Career in politics is ideal for Ardra natives. There is high probability that native is in politics or politically well connected. Due to Rahu being a significator for foreign lands, Ardra natives have also been seen to settle abroad and earn their living on foreign lands. Career in profession related to mysteries or solving mysteries like detective, occult subjects, hypnotism, psychology and other less known subjects are ideal. Female natives can attain good knowledge in a wide range of fields. Period between 32 to 42 years is golden period for Ardra Natives both male and female.

Family Life

Ardra Natives are alluring to the Opposite Sex and crave for Materialistic Lifestyle. Marriage can be delayed for both the male and female natives. If married early marital fights are possible. Divorce is also possible if marriage takes early. Children can also prove to be source of unease and unhappiness. Natives should avoid early marriage if possible.


Curious Nature, Ambitious, Quick In Action, Easily Adapt To Change, Good Communication and Vocational Skills. Compassionate for Suffering


Arrogant, Abuse Power, Mischievous, Over-Excessive Indulgence, Ungrateful and prone to use any means necessary for Success.


Mysterious diseases whose cure is not readily available are possible for Ardra natives due to Rahu as lord. Paralysis, Heart troubles, shoulder problems, asthma are observed in Ardra Natives. Kidney troubles and diseases of the urinal system are also possible for both males and females.


Praying to Kaal Bhairav. Recitation of Shiv Tandav Stotram are advised for natives to keep calm, composed and content in life. Fasting on Wednesdays with one time eating is advised. Praying to Goddess Kali may also suffice. 

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