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Ashlesha Nakshatra Description

Ashlesha is the ninth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. It is ruled by Mercury and all the 4 Padas are located in Cancer Sign. The symbol for Ashlesha is a Coiled Snake and presiding diety is Naga(Snake). According to Valmiki Ramayan the twin brothers Laxman and Shatrughan were born in this Nakshatra. 

Physical Features

Natives have a pentrating glare which can hypnotize and mesmerize those around them. Also they have an intriguing speech and a way with words. They have a stout body and brownish complexion. They do not have much resistance power. Looks are modest.

Character & General Events

Natives have to accept responsibility at a very young age due to unforseen circumstances like Parents untimely death or other issues in family. This makes the native very possesive in nature for other relationship as he can't stand the sight to lose them. Inspite of emotional insecurities the natives can be quite self-centred. While they are open to criticizing others they do not welcome personal criticism.

Native is emotionally insecure and seldom suffer from mental diseases like schizophrenia and paranoia. Mercury and Moon relationship is a doorway to mental diseases as Mercury rules the nervous system while Moon rules the mind. Moon located in nakshatra of Mercury in the rashi of Moon isn't something very comforting but that does not mean natives do not make something out of themselves. The nakshatra Ashlesha is very resourceful and ultimately the natives attain the desired success through their resourcefulness. 

Education & Career

They make quite good politicians with their mezmerizing body language and attractive speeches. The most ideal career would be as a Physician, Doctor or Pharmacists. Career in Politics, as a Psychologist, Applied Medicines, Chemical Engineer, Chemist and in Sex Rackets is possible. 

Family Life

Often have to separate from parents when Ashlesha Nakshatra is in Ascendant. Moon in Ashlesha makes a native insecure and sometimes leads to suspicion and worries. Native is advised to provide the necessary space to the partner which is needed for their relationship to thrive. Too much criticism and poisonous tongue can also damage relationship. As long as male or female native avoid criticism, suspicion and harsh speech, marriage would work out just fine. Otherwise difficulties could follow in Married Life.


Intelligent, Learned, Mesmerizing, Leadership Qualities.


Mental Instability, Deceitful, Possessive, Secretive and Talkative.


Mental disease are possible for Ashlesha Natives. Also Flatulence and other Stomach Problems are also possible.


For the suspicious nature and mental insecurities praying to Lord Shiva is best. Practicing "Silence is Golden" especially when you have nothing good to say would go a long way in ensuring success in life and relationships. 

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