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Pushya Nakshatra Description

Pushya nakshatra is the eight nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The word 'Pushya' means nourishment and accordingly this nakshatra replenishes, nourishes and reinvigorates. Pushya is regarded as the best among the 27 nakshatras for Business as well as Buying and Selling. Any Business Endeavors, Business Expansion, Buying Expensive Items or Jewelry Purchase is normally done when Moon enters Pushya Nakshatra as it is said to bring Good Luck along with it. Pushya is ruled by Saturn and its symbol is cow's udder. The Gana(Trait) is Devta(Gods residing in Heaven) and the presiding deity is Jupiter. All the 4 Padas of Pushya are in Cancer Sign. 

Physical Features

Pushya natives are difficult to discern based on physical characteristics. Since the nakshatra is ruled by Saturn, situated in Cancer Sign which is Moon's Sign and presiding diety is Jupiter a lot of anomalies are seen in physical traits. Though normal observation is that males are tall and thin while woman are short with an oval face.

Character & General Events

Pushya natives are hard working and dedicated to their work. They have a helping nature. The nakshatra of Saturn brings control and organization in life of natives through difficult circumstances in early childhood. Poverty is possible up to 15 or 16 years of life. Generally hardships and dependency in early life moulds pushya natives character and they become independent, organized, hard working, sincere and honest individuals. Another impeccable quality is their honesty which does not let them take criminal or illegal tasks. Females apart from qualities mentioned above have peaceful and submissive nature. Pushya natives both males and females cannot properly handle negative criticism or positive feedback.

Education & Career

They can work with patience and calmness towards achievement of their goals. Careful consideration is required to not overtake a business or project without careful thinking otherwise the desired result may not be ideal. As the natives learn more through experience it is not necessary for them to opt for a difficult course. Hard work and dedication often makes them over burdened at work place. Extra care is required not to overdo things and concentrate on doing the task allocated without getting into the nitty gritty details. As long as skills and abilities are assessed before proceding to work, nothing shall be impossible for the natives.

Family Life

Pushya natives are quite attached to their parents. They become independent when they grow up. Spouse for pushya males natives should be self sufficient and with a conservative thinking, dress sense. Females are submissive and cannot express themselves freely. This leads partners to doubt them. Females are devoted and amicable by nature. Both male and female natives have a problem with expressing themselves due to Shani (restrictions) ruling the rashi of Chandra which controls emotions they have difficulties in family life. Many a times natives have to live away from family.


Hard Working, Helpful Nature, Good Advisers, Honest, Dedicated and liked by others.


Insecure, Problems in expressing themselves, Dogmatic, Over Sensitive


Saturn is dry and cold while Moon (ruler of Cancer Sign) rules all the bodily fluids. Thereby problems related to body fluids like hormonal problems, cough, cold, asthma or other problems related to Kapha Dosha are all possible.


Praying to Lord Vishnu is advised for natives born in Pushya and a fast on Thursday and Saturday would also help. 

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