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      The word Saturn invokes unparallel fear and trauma in the hearts and minds of people. Popularly known as Shani in Vedic Astrology, Saturn represents scarcity, fear, oppression, old age, misery, famine and poverty. Well that alone seems to put this humble planet in the category of worst of the worst. By all means Saturn can be said to be a malefic planet who brings adversities and havoc in our lives but the perspective has to change regarding how we look at adversities to understand the working of Saturn a little more.

     Followers of Vedic Astrology need to be aware that Saturn was appointed as Judge by Lord Shiva himself. A normal judiciary functions according to laws of the country and Saturn functions according to divine laws of Karma. In simple words Saturn gives back what you sow. Saturn is aware of most of our karmas and he provides punishments befitting our crimes. Most of us human beings are far from noble souls. We lie, steal, ridicule others and even deceive or backstab others. This is not limited to one birth time but continues over several births and rebirths. Though natives may not be aware of their actions, Saturn keeps a watchful eye over these actions and gives rewards or punishment befitting those actions. Remember, he cannot punish you unless you have done some crime.          

     So why the fear of gramps Saturn? Well, we are human beings after all. We cannot fathom why we need patience, hard work and discipline while the other guy gets the ferraris, the beautiful mansions and the iPhones. The sooner we learn the need for discipline, hard work, patience, fortitude and empathy the sooner does Saturn move out of our way. He gives wonderful results to those who plan the long road to success with honest and sincere efforts and plan betterment of the community and world. But those good fruits take a long, long time to come. By that time your patience is tested to the limits and your ego and arrogance are washed away. You are new and renewed all dignified, kind and considerate to your fellow beings.    

     So is Saturn good or bad? Well he is bad cause we often plan shortcuts in life and easy way out of misery and suffering. That is the sole reason why Saturn makes our lives a miserable hell. Say you are a prisoner in a jail and the warden catches you trying to sneak out of jail before your sentence is over. Most of us would assume that the warden would be very upset and may sentence us to more severe punishment. Same thing applies to Saturn but he actually cares for his prisoners and wants them to be contributing members of the society. He is the warden who likes to reform his prisoners but his way of reform is quite strict and not liked by prisoner. Similarly the native on whom Saturn shows his wrath is sure to have done something naughty and he needs to change for Saturn to forgive him. Saturn is not liked cause he is a very strict teacher who likes to whip now and then to teach some discipline and hard work to his students. No one likes to learn things the hard way so to speak.

     Having said all this Saturn has positive aspects in life also. Most of the guys who grow from rags to riches have Saturn in an important disposition in their horoscope. Most of the people who make a difference in lives of others have Saturn in exalted or own sign or in a good position. Saturn destroys everything that is not sustainable over a long period of time. That includes relationships. Most of the divorces happen during the Sade-Sati or Saturn Mahadasha Period. Though it may seem like hell at that time after some time the native comes to realise that the relationship couldn't have worked out and what happened was for the better. A natives ego is destroyed and he/she learns the importance of patience and dignity. At the end of Sade-Sati most people develop a positive outlook towards life. Saturn's association with most planets is bad.

    Sun and Saturn are father and son but natural enemies. They cannot stand each other and Sun's ambitious and enterprising qualities are not welcomed by the realist and pessimist Saturn. Saturn+Sun in the same sign in horoscope is a suggestion of Pitru Dosha. Even Saturn and Sun aspecting each other is no good and suggests troubles and low progress in life. 

    Saturn and Moon are mortal enemies. Saturn is negative and lacks emotions. Moon is caring and emotional. Both don't see eye to eye. Saturn+Moon in the same sign cause the cursed Visha Yoga. Saturn and Moon aspecting each other is no good either. Saturn alone aspecting Moon may not be that bad depending on horoscope sign and house. 

     Saturn and Mars are enemies. To be precise Mars is neutral towards Saturn but Saturn considers Mars his enemy. Saturn and Mars aspecting each other is a nightmare to have in horoscope. Saturn+Mars together is not always bad and may work in native's favor if it is in a favorable sign. In an enemy sign it causes troubles and disappointments. There is a possibility of native becoming a doctor performing surgeries or becoming a software/hardware/electrical engineer due to this combination.  

     Saturn and Mercury combination is good. Saturn views Mercury as a friend and Mercury is neutral towards Saturn. It may provide a great career in accounting, politics or even in information technology especially software development.

     Saturn and Jupiter have no personal enmity. But Jupiter is the significator of wealth, prosperity and well-being. While Saturn is associated with scarcity, negativity and famine. So when Saturn aspects Jupiter bad results follow. But if Jupiter aspects Saturn then results may be surprisingly good. Saturn+Jupiter results vary but generally there are unfavorable results. 

     Saturn and Venus are the best of friends. It is not at all bad to have Saturn with Venus provided it is not very close. Saturn keeps a check on the spendthrift and excessive pleasure seeking qualities of Venus. 

    Saturn and Rahu is quite bad. It occurs once every thirty years and is called Shraapit Yoga. It causes huge, irrepairable losses, gives hardships, bad luck and miseries. If Sun or Moon are associated with Saturn+Rahu then the situation is far worst. 

    Saturn and Ketu is bad from materialistic viewpoint but great if spiritual advancement is considered.

     At the end of the day it all comes down to perspective. A simple, easy-going life is a choice of most but attainable by few. Those who believe in making lemonade, when lemons are provided fare much better in life then those who cry while looking at the lemons. Success is not defined by how high a person rises but how many times a person gets up after falling. 

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