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Uttara Bhadrapada Description

Uttara Bhadrapada is the twenty sixth nakshatras among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The presiding diety is Ahir Budhnya who is a serpent of the deep sea. All the 4 Padas are located in Pisces Sign. Gana(trait) is Manushya(humanly). A nakshatra of Saturn in sign of Jupiter is an ideal placement and promises good returns for the native. 

Physical Features

Natives have large eyes, innocent face and attractive looks. They have a charismatic smile. 

Character & General Events

Natives treat everyone as equal irrespective of gender, race or color. They have a spotless heart. They rarely cause trouble for others and are willing to sacrifice their life for loved ones. They have a short temper but it subsides quickly. They are interested in arts and have the ability to write articulate Novels, Short Stories and Books.

Female natives are generous and help others in need. Females have a forgiving nature and are careful in the work they undertake. They generally talk straight to the point. Males are fortunate and generally born in the upper middle class family. They have a passive personality and an innate ability to earn wealth and spend it wisely. They are intelligent and also generous to the less fortunate.

Education & Career

They have wisdom, knowledge and a good personality. They can deliver excellent speeches and obtain high position in life. Their education even if less doesn't become a hindrance and they are endowed with high intelligence and knowledge. They can attain mastery over several subjects at the same time.

Natives both males and females are focused on job at hand and do not get bogged down by failures. Natives start livelihood at an early age. Career in Fine Arts, Teaching, Writing, Import and Export, Philosophy, Non Profit Organisation among others is ideal. 

Family Life

Father has a prominent personality and religious rigidity. There are no benefits derived from father. A neglected childhood and life away from hometown is possible. Married life is full of happiness and an ideal spouse is indicated. Children are obedient, understanding and respect their elders. Career graph moves up after marriage. Female natives are quite affectionate towards their husbands.


Health generally remains good. Native has an uncaring attitude towards health. Natives are prone to paralytic attacks, stomach problems, piles and hernia.


Attractive, Good Oratory Skills, Kind, Compassionate.


Unenthusiastic, Withdrawn Individuals.


As Pisces is a female sign & Uttara Bhadrapada a female nakshatra prayers to Goddess Laxmi or one of peaceful forms of Adi Shakti are ideal. Also nakshatra being lorded by Saturn requires prayers to Hanuman to bestow strength, knowledge and education. 

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