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Revati Nakshatra Description

Revati is the twenty seventh nakshatras and last among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All the Four Padas are located in Pisces Sign and the presiding deity is Pusan who is the keeper of animals. Gana(trait) for Revati is Devta(Godly) and symbol is a fish (some astrologers suggest it is a drum). The planetary lord for Revati is Mercury. 

Physical Features

Natives have a well formed body and beautiful physique. They have fair complexion. Female natives have dark brown or black hair. Male natives are moderately tall. Natives may have defect in hearing and dimples on face.

Character & General Events

Natives are good mannered, soft-spoken and sincere in dealings. They become rich through their own efforts and have a knack to act and deal with others as the situation requires. They can be quite short tempered and often let emotions take control of them when provoked.

While they are hospitatable and socialable it takes time for them to build trust for others. Once they start trusting anyone they become quite attached to them. They have a bad habit of reaching to premature conclusion on any scenario or individuals. They are quite religious, god fearing and rigid in matters of principles and culture. Sometimes it can even lead to superstitious nature.

Education & Career

Female natives are fond of children and animals. They like intererior decoration and can be good housekeepers. Careers related to them could fetch good income for female natives. Male natives spend wisely and are socialable. In matters of career it has been observed that they do not stick to one profession or job for long.

Period up to 50 years sees less returns for the amount of effort put in. Period between 27 to 42 years may even see physical, mental and financial problems. Career as couselor is ideal. Besides that career in History, Science, Study of Ancient Cultures, Astrology, Poetry, as a Physician, Pediatrics and or in Veterinary Medicine is also possible. Working in a Government Organisation can yield unexpected profits. 

Family Life

Revati natives do not get well with parents or siblings unless other yogas present which help mend relationship. Married life is somewhat better and an adjusting partner is indicated. Females are more popular with own sex then opposite sex.


Good Couselors, Hygienic, Brave


Revengeful when Angered, Hot Temper, Don't Trust Easily


Prone to fever, Dysentry or Dental diseases. Intestinal Ulcers and Ear Problems also possible for natives.


Prayers to Goddess Saraswati or Ganesha seem to benefit individuals. 

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