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Jyestha Nakshatra Description

Jyestha is the eighteenth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All the 4 Padas of Jyestha are in Scorpio Sign while the presiding diety is Indra. The ruling planet is Mercury. The Gana(trait) of Jyestha is Rakshasha(Demonic). Symbol is an ear ring resembling Vishnu's Sudrashan Chakra. Jyestha comes under the category of Gandmoola Nakshatra. Jyestha means the Eldest or Best in the family. 

Physical Features

Natives have good physical stamina and attractive figure but teeth maybe defective.

Character & General Events

Jyestha is located in Scorpio Sign which is ruled by Mars and nakshatra itself is ruled by Mercury. Hence due to the Mars-Mercury relationship the natives are trustworthy but at the same time bound to be critical in speech. Jyestha natives thrive on being the main souce of Financial Income and Social Stability for the family. They understand the importance of time and are quite loyal to their responsibilities. They learn to adapt quickly to difficult situations. Natives are hot tempered and prone to stain good relationships when angered.

Education & Career

They generally occupy an influential position and command respect among others. They can rise to top ranks through their loyalty and sincere efforts. Period upto 50 years is full of trials. Period between 18 to 26 may see financial troubles or mental diseases. Period from 27 to 50 years offers some stability. Female natives are capable, dignified and self-sufficient. Female natives have capacity to become wealthy through independent efforts. They can pursue a successful career in business and service. They achieve top rank through their own efforts at their employment place.

Family Life

Natives have limited relationship with Parents and Siblings. While they are appreciated for bringing Financial and Social Stability to the family inspite of  troubles they are often resented for their Temper, Intolerance and Criticism of others. Married life is harmonious but separation maybe possible due to unforeseen circumstances. Partner is likely to have a demanding nature.


Bread Winner for family, Self Made Individuals


Anger and Ego, Control Freaks, Restless


Cough and Cold


Jyestha natives are advised to pray to Lord Vishnu due to the Mars-Mercury relationship and also perform the 'Moola Shanti' pooja for the Gandmoola Dosha. Alternatively they can also pray to Lord Ganesha.

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