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About Aries Sign

 Aries Sign is known as Mesha Rashi in Vedic Astrology. This fiery sign is a male by gender and rules the east direction. It gives Pitta Dosha. It controls the head, face and brain. Mars is the lord of Aries Sign. Sun is exalted while Saturn is debilitated in Aries Sign.

Moon in Aries Sign

Natives with Moon in Aries Sign are energetic, quick thinkers and have a strong character and willpower. In addition they are also kind and considerate to friends and family. Even in tough times they always seem to think of working towards a better future without getting frustrated. They are very kind and generous in giving donations. Often people take advantage of these traits. Like the lord of the sign Mars they imbue all the qualities of honesty, kindness and servitude but at the same time they are easily angered and very aggressive.

General Character

Aries Natives(Moon in Aries) have excess of self-esteem(sometimes shifts to ego), fast thoughts and quick actions. Such natives often pick up a fight at drop of hat but they are not the type to keep a grudge for life unless malefics are co-tenants. Natives hate laziness. They do not like to copy others even if others are doing better then them. They are often too restless and lack of patience make them fail a job which would otherwise be a walkover job. They are independent and do not like to live off the riches of others. They are not the type to cheat, deceive or harm anyone as long as there is no association of malefic planets.


They enjoy being dedicated to their work in a fierce way and often lord over others to get things done. They are optimistic and not afraid of change. They can put ample of efforts with full vigor to get things done quickly and swiftly. But when a given work seems to drag is when they show their negative side which is full of anger, sarcasm and fault finding. Generally not suited for work where patience is required. They are honest and command implicit trust from their employers and employees. They are not they type to back-out of a challenge or fight. For the needy they are generally the first ones to land a helping hand. Caution is advised for natives not to overdo things and not to work beyond their physical and mental abilities.

Great career in professions like law, defense, project management, sports and even intelligence departments. They can make for very good doctors and surgeons.

Marriage and Family

These natives are good friends and care deeply for their family. But they are not the type to forgive mistake by loved ones and often scold the loved ones for smallest of mistakes. They cannot handle unfaithfulness and are prone to use violence even on dear ones when they get angry. Natives are quite sexual by nature. Often they have problems in marital life due to high sexual thoughts and anger. They like to control their partners and get angry very often in a relationship. Calmness and compassion are advised for natives in a relationship to avoid marital problems.


Anger, sarcasm, aggression, fault finding, high principles in life.


Acidity, skin problems, headache, head injuries, insomnia, ulcers, stones in digestive tract, jaundice, weak nervous system, bad eyesight, acne and fever are all possible.

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