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Ashvini Nakshatra Description

Ashvini Nakshatra is the first of the 27 Nakshatras in the Cosmos which are studied in Vedic Astrology. All the 4 Padas of this Nakshatra are located in Aries Sign. Ashvini is ruled by Ketu. According to Ancient Vedic Literature there are two gods by the name of Ashwini Kumars who are said to be the doctors of the Devtas (Vedic Gods) having vast knowledge of medicines. The name of Ashvini Nakshatra is derived from those gods. Symbol for Ashvini Nakshatra is a horse. Ashvini rules all forms of transport especially speedy vehicles. Ashvini holds the vast knowledge of medicines and cures for ailments.

Physical Attributes

Males born under this nakshatra have good facial expressions. Eyes are large and bright. Forehead is broad and nose is a little bigger. Females born in this nakshatra have bright but small eyes like a fish. Ashvini Females have alluring looks and magnetic personality.

Character & General Events

Natives of Ashvini are spontaneous and like to get things done in a hurry. Ashvini Natives have an adventurous spirit that is attracted to unknown challenges. They are competent workers who perform above average at the workplace. They are straight forward and prefer a no-nonsense approach in matters of business. Ashvini Natives have generally good health but sometimes suffer from bile complaints.

Education & Profession

Ashvini natives can have great careers as psychologists, therapist, physicians, music, horse trainers, jockeys, transport or as a race car driver. Education which leads to these mentioned careers is better if pursued. Having said that Ashvini Natives can be successful in almost all endeavours they take up and they are fond of literary pursuits. Period up to 30 years generally comes with a lot of struggles. Thereafter period between 30 to 55 years old sees gradual and steady progress being achieved.

Family Life

Due to unrelenting behavior Ashvini natives are often subjected to harsh treatment by family especially the father. But inspite of such treatment, an Ashvini Native loves his family implicitly. There is a high chance of having a twin sibling for Ashvini Natives especially in Aquarius Ascendant. Marriages for female natives generally takes place between 23 to 26 years while for males marriage takes place between 26 to 30 years of age. Natives are faithful to those who love them.


Natives of this nakshatra are Hard Working and Diligent. They are not the type to leave a job at half way. They are focused and like to get on with things without fuzz. They are ideal people who can heal a person who is heart broken provided they are in the right frame of mind.


They often have an unsteady mind and are quite Short Tempered. Their desire to extract revenge on their enemies at any cost is quite harmful. They are also Fearless and Stubborn who don't think of results when they take on a task.


Since Ashvini is rule by Ketu praying to Lord Ganesha is ideal. Also wearing bright colors could help. Career in healing and medicine could make them have kindness and empathy for others.

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