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Bharani Nakshatra Description

Bharani is the second among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. It is ruled by Venus and all of the 4 Padas are located in Aries Sign. Gana of Bharani is human. Bharani is symbolized by an elephant and represents the female sexual organs. The devta which rules over Bharni is Yama who is also called Dharma. 

Physical Attributes

Males born in this nakshatra have large forehead and less hair. Their height is medium-sized and they have beautiful teeth. If the birth is at noon then native could be very tall with a long neck and face. Females of this nakshatra have a good physique and beautiful and well-formed white teeth.

Character & General Events

Bharani is ruled by Venus and located in the rashi of Mars. This Mars+Venus combo ensures that native is over indulgent and extravagant in his lifestyle. Naturally it doesn't go down well with those around. With the presiding deity being Dharma (Yama), the bharani native is bound to act on his own sense of justice. This native is unlikely to pursue a work which is wrong according to his conscience. Bharani Native can face a lot of resistance and possible failures in life. Bharani native may sometimes spoil a good relationship over trivial matters and can sometimes act on whims and fancies. 

Education & Profession

Education and Career in Food and Beverages as well as hospitality sector is possible. Also other areas like administration, sports, music and occult science can give means of livelihood. Women can achieve a good career in sports industry. Though stability is rarely felt native does see progress in all sectors of life after 33 years of age. Native can be a good cosmetic surgeon or a judge. Cultivation of tobacco could also yield a good income.

Family Life

Bharani natives like to dominate and do not like being dominated especially the female natives. Female natives enjoy love and satisfaction from her husband but is troubled by in-laws. Bharani natives love their family and do not like separation from their families. Male natives are blessed with wise and beautiful life partner. Marriage for females take around 23 years while marriage for males occurs around 27 years of age.


Females could have menstrual problems, uterus disorders, anemia while male natives may suffer from heart problems and lung problems due to smoking. Other possible diseases include fever, body pain and diabetes.


Bharani natives have an attractive personality and beautiful looks. People are often influenced by their poise and approach. They do not like to pretend . They rarely attract conflict and try to solve conflicts through peaceful means, tact and diplomacy.


Natives are fond of partying and over indulgent in luxurious ways. They are quite majestic and behave impulsively. 


Praying Shiva, Yama or Kali. For females praying any goddess which denotes happiness, family and prosperity is advised. 

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