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Magha Nakshatra Description

Magha is the tenth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. All the 4 Padas of Magha are situated in Leo Sign and Magha is ruled by Ketu. In accordance with it Magha natives have qualities of both Sun and Ketu endowed. Magha's symbol is a royal throne which symbolizes Power, Status and Prestige. Magha's gana(Trait) is Daitya(Demonic) while its presiding diety are the forefathers. Surya's placement in Magha between 1° and 10° (° = degree) indicates it is in its Mool Trikona position. This placement makes Surya feel like an emperor which can grant gifts and benediction. Magha comes under the category of Ganda Moola Nakshatra.

Character & General Events

Magha natives are endowed with qualities of both Surya and Ketu. Magha natives are powerful, influential and short tempered. But at the same time they are spiritual and quite generous. Magha natives respect their elders and are God fearing. Magha natives are optimistic and free spirited. Magha natives obtain fame which can last through generations.

Magha females have a frank and courageous nature. At the same time they are charming and have an interesting personality. These qualities invite many frenemies who may look like friends but act like enemies. Female natives love their family and can go to any lengths to safeguard their families interest. Such actions can be used by ill-wishers against Magha Females.

Education & Career

Males have a proud nature and command respect from their peers. Sometimes they tend to be arrogant. Public status and financial dignity are generally secure for Magha Natives. They are generous and donate money for noble causes and philanthropic activities. Although Magha Natives achieve quite good status and wealth they are better off not to pursue an individual business. Their straight forward nature and generous character can lead to loss making in business. This applies for both male and female natives born with Moon in Magha.

Magha natives are the ideal middle man or co-ordinators in work place. Career in top management position is a good option. Also career in politics, law and career as coordinators and brokers is viable. 

Family Life

Magha males have good and faithful wife. Females are religious minded and devoted to their husbands. Inspite of that their simple and straight forward nature female often invites frictions in marriage and family life by refusing to compromise. Males fare better in marriage compared to the females. Normally both male and female natives have very few genuine friends unless other factors help.


Intelligent, Dependable and Smooth Coordinators


Arrogant, Hot Tempered, Susceptible to Criticism and Flattery. 


Magha natives may suffer from Burns, Boils and Piles. Night blindness and Eye Problems are also a possibility. 


Performing religious yagnas and Shradha for obtaining blessings of forefathers. Prayers to Ganpati and Surya also help. 

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