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About Leo Sign

     Leo Sign is called Simha Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Leo is a fiery sign and rules the east direction. It is male by gender. It gives Pitta Dosha. It controls the stomach, spinal cord and back. Sun is the lord of Leo.

Moon in Leo Sign

     Moon in Leo Sign signifies royalty. Whether the native is rich or poor one thing is guaranteed that he would live life king-sized. Leo natives(Moon in Leo) are fond of flair and pomp. They have abundance of pride and self-esteem. At the same time they are kind, honest, happy and forgiving type. Leo natives are blessed with all the attributes of Sun like good will power, ambition and foresight. At the same time they also have arrogance, aggression and egoism. Leo natives generally rise through their own efforts. They are incredibly hard working and determined to succeed in any area they plunge into.

General Character & Physical Attributes

     One peculiar feature of Leo natives is the large and prominent eyes. Also they have huge forehead and well formed teeth. Their physical build is thin and strong. They speak in a loud, clear and concise manner. They are full of vigor and vitality and do not get tired easily. They like to show off and often arrange parties and celebrations. They take pride in the work they do and often like to showcase it to others. Leo natives have fondness for clothes and fashion and like to wear clothes which make them look fashionable. Leo natives like open houses which allows abundant air and sunlight to enter. If they are rich they often opt for Palaces and Castles which allow open air to flow and also allows to show off their riches.


     The greatest asset of Leo natives is their abundant will power which makes them successful in anything they set out to do. Due care is required by natives not to put unnecessary pressure on fellow employees or those working under them. Natives are ideally suited for management roles. They are not the type to venture into a business by creating a debt. Career in teaching, stock markets, management, chemical engineering, pharmacy and even as an entrepreneur gives good results. Other professions include government jobs, working as a trustee, accountancy and agriculture. The best career for Leo natives is as a politician or as an actor/actress where there is abundant limelight on them.

Marriage and Family

     Natives do not get on too well with siblings, family members and friends. Generally they are dominant personality among the family members. They may have few or many friends depending on 11th House condition but whatever the numbers the leo native themselves like to take center stage in that group. In marriage and romance they tend to excel as long as the partner is a passive personality. They are quite romantic by nature and very likely to opt for love marriage. As long as partner is happy playing the second fiddle and let the Leo native take center stage there are no problems indicated in marriage. But if the partner has similar personality then all hell breaks loose. Many a times Leo natives marry a partner with considerable age difference.


Arrogance, anger, sarcasm, hogging limelight


Generally they are quite healthy. Although heart problems, acidity, acne, eye diseases and problems in back are possible. Hemorrhoids(Piles) are common if other fiery planets are associated with Moon in Leo Sign.

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