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About Virgo Sign

     Virgo Sign is known as Kanya Rashi in Vedic Astrology. It is an earthy sign, female by gender and rules the south direction. It give both Vata Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Mercury is the lord of Virgo. Mercury is exalted and Venus is debilitated in Virgo Sign.

Moon in Virgo Sign

     Moon in Virgo is in the sign of its enemy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury who doesn't see eye to eye which Moon. Any association of Moon+Mercury gives some sort of mental disease, mental disorder or weak mind and nervous system. Generally the mind is weak and too many thoughts often cloud judgement of Virgo natives. Ofcourse the picture is not all that black. Virgo natives (Moon in Virgo) are trustworthy, obedient and have excellent character and personality They are blessed with an above average IQ and can remember events for a very long time. Also they have excellent business sense.

General Character

     Virgo natives have slanty eyes and prominent forehead. They have a reddish complexion and long nose. They have a faint smile and attractive lips. Like Mercury they remain younger and attractive and age doesn't catch up with them. They attract a lot of friends due to their good character and personality. They need to take care not to lose confidence when undertaking a task. Though life may give many ups and downs they get abundant opportunities to progress.

      Virgo natives are advised to forge a fortune through hard work and concrete efforts as chances of getting lucky are few and far. They can try to settle abroad and can be quite fortunate on foreign shores. Virgo natives have many qualities of ruler Mercury like laziness, talkative, calculative in finances and certain amount of princely attitude. There are many good traits in Virgo natives like love for animals and research minded attitude.


     Virgo natives generally prefer to do business as opposed to doing job. With their nature of economical spending they generally do not suffer from finance issues when starting a business. They are excellent negotiators and ideal career is suggested as counselor, deal negotiator, diplomat or peace broker. They can eventually gather a great amount of fortune. Virgo natives know their limitations and do not work beyond them which actually works in their favor. Still career is full of ups and downs due to Moon-Mercury relationship and prayers to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are advised. Virgo natives can pursue a wide range of professions including journalism, medicine, law, teaching, accountancy and astrology.

Marriage and Family

     Virgo natives generally settle for arranged marriage and chances of romance maybe less. Many a times late marriage is observed. Virgo natives are faithful and compassionate in their marriage. They practice discipline and prefer monogamy in life. They are unable to forgive partners even for some small fault, lie or deceit. Virgo natives need to learn the art of forgiving and forgetting in order to enjoy a good marital life. Also they need to take care their emotions do not get the better of them in a married life.


Mental anxiety, stingy, dual personality.


Diseases include pain in lower back. Mental diseases possible due to Moon+Mercury relationship. Moon+Mercury association can also lead to other diseases like indigestion, flatulence, acidity and weak constitution. Muscle cramps and ulcers are observed in old age.

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