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What is Kapha Dosha

   In Ayurveda which is the Medicinal Branch of Vedic Knowledge a body has three major constitution. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Dosha(Fault) and Prakriti(Nature) are words used to describe the constitution. So if a person has Kapha Constitution then it is also known as Kapha Dosha or Kapha Prakriti.

Kapha Dosha is when natives have more prominence of Water and Earth Elements in the body. Elements are better described in article: Elements and Astrology.

Diseases Related to Kapha Dosha

   Kapha Dosha is known to cause Cold, Chest and Nose Congestion due to Mucous, Running Nose, Allergies, Asthma, Dehydration, Indigestion, Obesity, Frequent Swellings due to Inflammatory Diseases, Oily Skin, Pimples among others. Serious diseases like Diabetes and Depression are also results of Kapha Dosha.

Astrological Factors

   Vedic Astrology can be used to predict if a native can have Kapha Dosha. If native is born in an Ascendant which is a Watery Sign namely Cancer Sign, Scorpio Sign or Pisces Sign then he is likely to have Kapha Dosha. The effects of Kapha Dosha increase multi-fold if both Ascendant and Moon are in Watery Signs. Both Moon and Venus have Water Element and their location in Ascendant is likely to cause Kapha Dosha.

   There are Ayurveda Questionnaire which can be used to ascertain if a person has Kapha Dosha or not. One of the easiest method is to check if native frequently contracts one of the above mentioned diseases then he is sure to be under the influence of prominent Kapha Dosha.

Diets To Intake

   Apples, Cherries, Apricots, Figs(dry), Lemons, Ginger, Garlic, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery and all Leafy Green Vegetables. One can also consume almost all Pulses and Grains. Try Honey instead of Sugar. Drink Warm Water in Morning and when Eating.

Diets to Avoid

   All Sweet and Carbonated Drinks. Sugar, Too much Oily or Salty Food, Bananas, Dry Raisins, Artificial Mango Drinks, Pumpkin, Water Melons, Sweet Potatoes and Tomatoes. Eat only moderate proportions of food which are Watery, Sweet or Oily. Also avoid Refrigerated Water, Alcohol etc.

Recommended Mudras

   Jal/Varun Mudra is the best but should only be done for 5 Minutes maximum. Linga Mudra can also be done but it should only be done by those having acute cold and chest congestion due to Mucous. Those suffering from diabetes can try Apan Mudra.

Recommended Pranayam

   Bhastrika Pranayam for atleast 10-15 minutes as well as Anulom Vilom for around 10 minutes. If there are diseases like diabetes then adding Kapal Bhati would also greatly help reduce its bad effects.

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