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Panch Bhoota

   According to Ayurveda which is medical branch of Vedic Knowledge the human body is made up of five elements or tatva. They are also known as Pancha Bhoota where Pancha means Five and Bhoota means Elements. These five elements are:

  1. Ether Element also known as Akash Tatva
  2. Fire Element also known as Agni Tatva
  3. Water Element also known as Jal Tatva
  4. Wind Element also known as Vayu Tatva
  5. Earth Element also known as Pritvi Tatva

Elements of 7 Planets

   Even the 7 Planets barring Rahu and Ketu which are shadow planets are associated with an element. Below are the elements associated with 7 Planets.

  1. Sun has Agni Tatva or Fire Element
  2. Moon has Jal Tatva or Water Element
  3. Mars has Agni Tatva or Fire Element
  4. Mercury has Pritvi Tatva or Earth Element
  5. Jupiter has Akash Tatva or Ether Element
  6. Venus has Jal Tatva or Water Element
  7. Saturn has Vayu Tatva or Wind Element

Elements of 12 Astrology Signs

Even the 12 Signs are each associated with an element.

  1. Aries Sign, Leo Sign and Sagittarius Sign are signs with Fire Element
  2. Taurus Sign, Virgo Sign and Capricorn Sign are signs with Earth Element
  3. Gemini Sign, Libra Sign and Aquarius Sign are signs with Wind Element
  4. Cancer Sign, Scorpio Sign and Pisces Sign are signs with Water Element

Tripod of Good Health

   Vedic Astrology can be used along with Ayurveda and Yoga to not only know the body type but also give appropriate treatment. Think of Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga as three stands of a tripod which can provide a healthy life to the native. A person can predict the exact time when risk of catching a certain disease might increase using Vedic Astrology. Afterwards he can try the associated Yoga Postures, Pranayam and Mudra Vigyaan(Science) to try and prevent the disease. If by chance a native does get infected then he can use Ayurveda and associated Diet to effectively cure the disease and remove it completely from the body.

The Data Dilemma

   Every field of knowledge requires extensive research, data collection and practical application to show its effectiveness. This hasn't yet been done that effectively for Vedic Way of Life and what research might have been done in the past has been lost in Sands of Time. A new approach along with Quantified Data would be required to show that the combination of Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga can be used to gain a healthy body and better all round life.

   Hopefully this website( can become the right medium for those having expertise in Medical Astrology, Yoga Asanas and Ayurveda to share their knowledge. User Data collected by consent can be used to gather information and make way for scientific research along with quantifiable data to show the effectiveness of the Vedic Way Of Life. This can help separate genuine remedies from superstitions and quack remedies.


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