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"There is nothing more important than our good health- that's our principal capital asset" - Arlen Specter

"Give a man health and a course to steer, and he will never stop to trouble about whether he is happy or not"- George Bernard Shaw

     There are countless quotes on health yet until there is a disease there is no value of health. Materialistic Pleasures in life have taken precedence over the basic necessities of life like health. Even if you get all the money in life it doesn't have the power to cheer you up if you have an upset stomach or high fever. Yet most of us run after wealth and discard health. In a way sickness is a reminder by the body to a person that I am present and I need care and attention.

     From an astrological perspective the ascendant and lord of ascendant is responsible for the physical build and mental thought process. Diseases and Vitality are governed by 6th house and 8th house respectively. It is interesting to note that 6th house also governs Debt and Enemies while 8th house governs Death. A sick man cannot fight Debts or Enemies neither can he escape Death. While a person's physique and mental balance is down to destiny or past karma his health is in his own hands. A person can know about his physical and mental capabilities and diseases that occur frequently through the 1st House. Say there is Windy Sign (Mithuna Rashi, Tula Rashi, or Kumbha Rashi) as Ascendant and Shani in lagna then person is likely to have frequent case of flatulence in stomach and a personality which is easily tensed. A fiery sign (Mesha Rashi, Simha Rashi or Dhana Rashi) along with a fiery planet (Mangal, Ketu or Surya) ensures boils, piles, injuries to head and pimples. A watery sign (Karka Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Meena Rashi) in lagna along with a watery planet (Chandra) could ensure cough, cold and breathing problems of epic. proportions. Same way earth signs (Vrishabha Rashi, Kanya Rashi and Makara Rashi) and earthy planets (Budh) could ensure indigestion and dehydration.

     For incurable, painful and mysterious diseases planets like Shani, Surya, Rahu and Ketu in 6th or 8th house are responsible. Any sort of association of 6th and 8th house or their lords signals a lengthy time span of a disease. Different planets, bhavas and rashi's control different parts of body. Careful consideration needs to be given to every aspect before judging health and vitality of a native. Cause of death is most likely deciphered through 8th house and 2nd house respectively. 6th house can be used to decipher addictions which are likely cause of future diseases. Shukra in 6th house gives addiction to drugs, excessive sweets, alcohol and sex. Guru in 6th house causes gluttony and obese body. Generally Shukra and Rahu are associated with addictions and their placements are to be observed to know the kind of addiction that a native may suffer from.

      Health is very important aspect of life which cannot be ignored. While only the sick (especially those who can't find cures) seek astrology for guidance it is not a bad idea to look into a horoscope and find the most likely disease a body can be affected with. This can ascertain preventive measures to be taken before there is sickness. As someone rightly said Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

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