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Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Description

Uttara Phalguni is the twelfth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. The Gana(Trait) for Uttara Phalguni is Manushya(Human) while the ruling planet is Sun. Presiding diety is Aryaman and the symbol is a bed. The 1st Pada of this nakshatra is located in Leo Sign while the remaining 3 Padas are located in Virgo Sign. In accordance the natives with Moon in 1st Pada show characteristics of Sun like arrogance, leadership skills and supreme confidence while the natives with Moon in the remaining 3 Padas show characteristics of Mercury like chatty and articulate nature.

Physical Features

Natives of Uttara Phalguni have some sort of prominent mark like black mole on neck or face. Male natives are tall and chubby especially ones born in Virgo Sign in the last 3 Padas. Natives born in 1st Pada in Leo Sign have a large face, prominent eyes and long nose. Women born in Uttara Phalguni have a soft voice. Natives born in 1st Pada of Uttara Phalguni have good health and eyesight as well as attractive eyes. 

Character & General Events

Uttara Phalguni natives are born social workers. They are quite helpful to their friends, family and generally to all in need. While natives of the 1st Pada maybe arrogant and proud due to the combination of Sun's Nakshatra (Uttara Phalguni ) located in Sun's Sign (Leo), the natives born in other 3 Padas are simple and straight forward. Natives born in 1st Pada in Leo Sign are Confident, Enterprising and born Leaders. While natives born in last 3 Padas in Virgo Sign are Expressive, Expert Communicators, Quick Learners and Possess above average Intelligence.

Education & Career

While natives of 1st Pada may have ego issues they do get high position in life. It has been observed that females can make quite a good career as actress if they are born with Ascendant in 1st Pada of Uttara Phalguni. Natives of 1st Pada are hot tempered while the natives of other 3 Padas which fall in Virgo Sign resolve conflicts through discussion.

Uttara Phalguni natives often see meaningful progress after 38 years of life have passed. Uttara Phalguni natives can have wonderful career as Social Worker, Philantrophist, Actors, Mathematician, Astrologers and Astronomers.

Family Life

Generally for male natives in Uttara Phalguni married life possesses little or no friction. Women can get a good partner and children. Women are good in managing matters of domestic life. 


Ambitious, Good Communicator, Generous


Ego, Stubborn and Over-giving


Health remains good with no major complications unless some bad placement in horoscope is present.


Praying to Sun and chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. Also prayers to Vishnu would help.


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