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     Mercury known as Budh in Vedic Astrology is the Prince among planets. Mercury is young, talkative and smart. Mercury is generally very close to the Sun in a horoscope with maximum distance being twenty-eight degrees from each other. Mercury takes the qualities of its co-tenants easily be it good or bad. It is a very impressionable planet. Though Mercury doesn't see most planets as enemies other then Moon, many see him as their enemy.

     In this age of PR those who can market themselves get more brownie points over others. Thanks to Mercury you can effectively communicate your point across to others be it via speech or via writing. Most of the scientific research and innovations are possible due to the ideas and intellect provided by Mercury. Be warned that plain old Mercury is nothing but sweet talk. It needs a driver to put argument into efforts and theories into practise. Planets like Mars, Saturn and Sun's association with Mercury are the drivers behind Important inventions and scientific breakthroughs. Mercury is a businessman or more precisely a sales man. He can sweet talk anybody into buying a product be it good or bad. Most efficient salesman, call center operatives, shop keepers and marketers need a good Mercury for success in their fields. Those who have a weak Mercury may suffer from speech defects, bad communicative skills, skin problems as well as mental disorders.

    Mercury is a very impressionable planet. Like Moon it takes the qualities of its horoscope sign, horoscope house and co-tenants very easily. A plain old Mercury rarely makes or breaks a person. With planet Sun as its co-tenant a very powerful yoga is formed known as Budh-Aditya Yoga which provides knowledge, wealth and happiness. Though not everyone gets the benefit of Budh-Aditya yoga.

   Association of Mercury+Mars gives difficulties in the beginning as both are polar opposites. But eventually over time both of them start to co-exist. Afterwards Mercury provides direction to the abundant energy of Mars and success follows. Many great individuals have a favorable association of Mercury+Mars. Many successful lawyers have Mercury+Mars relationship in their horoscope. Hardware, Electrical, Communication Equipments, Chip Manufacturing and other jobs where tedious task is required give profits if native have Mars+Mercury associations.

   Mercury+Jupiter is a favorable association by and large. Jupiter's knowledge is supported by Mercury's analytical, communicative and argumentative skills. In not so favourable location you could see a thug who uses his knowledge and speech to cheat others. Either way you are guaranteed to see a smart and successful individual when Mercury+Jupiter is there in a horoscope.

   Mercury+Venus is also a very good combination. Musicians and Artists are likely to have Mars+Venus in a favorable sign.

   Mercury+Saturn provides great Career in mathematicians or as a chartered accountant. Often software professionals are born with this combination. 

     Mercury is royalty by nature and more importantly royalty without duties. So you can't expect Mercury to understand problems or do pro-active work or go out of his way to help others. Mercury's articulate and refined speech are sure to win over a few people, but long term they are bound to see that he is nothing but trash talk. Mercury's association with Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus or Sun in a favorable location provides great results for individual as well as the community.

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