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About Pisces Sign

     Pisces Sign is known as Meena Rashi in Vedic Astrology. It is a watery sign, female by gender and rules the north direction. It gives Kapha Dosha. It rules the foot and heels. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces Sign. Venus is exalted and Mercury is debilitated in Pisces Sign. 

Moon in Pisces

     Moon in Pisces Sign is in the sign of its friend Jupiter. Pisces natives inherit qualities of both the calm Jupiter and caring Moon. Apart from bad health, Moon in Pisces is ideal in every other way. Pisces natives are well cultured, kind, happy and loving. Jupiter makes native large-hearted and Moon in Jupiter's sign provides an over-expansive imagination, feelings and emotions Pisces natives have an excellent grasping power and have a way with words. They are simple yet attractive due to their lovable personality. They are kind, affectionate, thoughtful and can give sound advise when the need arises.

General Character

     Pisces natives have round or oval face with slanty eyes. Height is medium and body is healthy and even obese in some case. They have a passive yet effective speech while ear slobs are glued to back of head. Pisces natives may have good amount of land property but they keep it very untidy. One of the best traits of Pisces natives is the ability to stay calm and composed even when abuses are hurled at them. Generally fortune smile late after 33-36 years of life. They can even get good inheritance through parental property. While Pisces natives are passive and calm most of the times, emotional traits associated with Moon can make them resort to emotional outburst when they are emotionally hurt. But Pisces natives are not likely to keep anger and hatred for long. Pisces natives beget the bad qualities of Jupiter and Moon like emotional nature, obese body, laziness, procrastination and inability to prioritise. Other then few drawbacks Pisces natives are kind, impartial and largehearted. They would help anyone who need help irrelevant of status, relation or personal benefit. 


     Career for Pisces natives can extend to wide range of fields. They can do wonders in public dealing and diplomatic relationship. They are blessed with a great imagination and can be good fictional writers. They can do import-export business via ocean/river route which would provide good benefits. Other career fields include doctor, medicine, criminal biology, chemical experts and consulting physician. Besides career as trustee, singer and teaching is also possible. 

Marriage and Family

     Pisces natives get on well with friends and family members. They have a loving mother and a very supportive father. Relation with sibling is on good terms most of the time. Spouse is clever and youthful. Marriage is generally a good experience. Pisces natives are advised to take care of needs and desires of marriage partner. Friends are abundant but often take undue advantage of natives kind and benevolent nature. Natives get on well with everyone including neighbors, friends, family and well wishers and not likely to make enemies out of people.


Emotional, habit of procrastination, lazy


Pisces natives have to deal with common problems like cough, cold, fever and flu quite often. Other common issues like frequent head pain and malaria are also possible. Natives may also have digestive problems like flatulence, indigestion and other common stomach problems. Obesity, ulcers and acne have also been observed.

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