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     11th house is known as Labh Bhava in Vedic Astrology. Also known as House of Gains, 11th house looks after friendship, elder brothers, networks at market place, social progress, oppurtunities for economic growth, gains and profits from market place. The signficator for 11th house is Jupiter. Labh Bhava determines income for an individual. If the 11th house and lord of 11th house are in good condition then income of an individual remains healthy. The reverse is true if 11th house and its lord are in bad condition. 11th house also manages the quantity and quality of friends. 

     There can be no savings as long as there is not a steady flow of income. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that atleast savings department of the 2nd house is subservient to the income department of the 11th house. In modern world where Money has gained so much prominense it has led to a scenario where the 11th house dictates terms on many matters of other houses particularly 2nd house, 5th house and 7th house. No Money means No Savings. No Savings means No Marriage. No Marriage means no Social Identity. While this does not necessarily apply to every individual it holds true for many poor souls. Relationship of 11th house with other house lords could signal income through multiple portfolio's. The better the condition of 11th house and 11th house lord the more beneficial results are obtained in matters of friends, income, social and business connections as well as chances for growth. Reverse is the case when 11th house and its lord are in problematic condition. While affiliation with the hell houses is not the most ideal scenario it may yield favorable results in the lords of hell house and lord of 11th house are friendly planets.

     Labh Bhava also determines your friends and social circle. Imagine no friends on facebook or no connection on google plus or no followers on twitter. No real friends at school, work place or in general life. 11th house along with 3rd house has gained prominence in the last few decades. Today 11th house is much more then means of livelihood and income. It controls your social standing through friends and professional standing through network connections. From a business perspective 11th house is the house of networks at market place. Any thriving business needs to be in contact with influential people at the market place. A good condition of 11th house ensures a businessman is always connected with the right people at the right position at the right time.

     Most planets give favorable results in the 11th house baring Shukra who gives negative results in 11th house. Guru as the karaka for 11th house is the most ideal planet to have in the 11th house. It increases income, friends and social prestige and also improves networks and business connections. Budh gives highly communicative, well-connected friends and friends who have a good intellect. Shani in 11th house makes a dedicated worker who improves wealth through sincere hard work. Shukra though bad in 11th house can provide income through arts, fashion and music. Rahu gives material yearnings and increases association with a wide variety of people. 

     11th house is the house which makes or breaks an individual through financial and social means. While it doesn't have much bearing on the individual as a whole for those who put too much emphasis on money and power it is essential that they have a good 11th house. 

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