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     Moon in Eleventh House is in house of his friend Jupiter. Moon generally provides very good results in Eleventh House. Native has great intellect, good set of friends, gains from stock markets and is quite progressive. He is blessed with good fame and fortune.

     Native begets good job, luxury vehicles and is very popular among friends. There is a huge network of female friends and there are benefits derived from women friends and women in general. This holds especially true for male natives. Women natives also have a great and loyal set of female friends who they can rely on emotionally and financially. 

     With Moon in Eleventh House there are chances of winning a lottery or striking a fortune while gambling. Stock market investments are very profitable. Natives are blessed with beautiful and caring daughters. A weakened Moon via aspect or placement of enemy planets may harm the native.

     In rare cases where it gives bad results natives are advised to pray to Goddess Laxmi who provides luck and happiness. Natives should stay away from gambling and other quick rich money schemes if Moon is afflicted by malefics. This would ensure natives don't suffer heavy financial losses. 

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