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     Moon in Tenth House is in the house of friend Sun. Moon gives gives good results in the Tenth House. Both the mother and father are loving and caring parents. Marriage partner and children are also source of happiness for the native. Marriage partner contributes greatly to natives success.

     Those with Moon in Tenth House are successful in business, stock markets, farming, metal import-export, oil import-export, water purification and desalination, liquid chemicals and dyes and several other industries . They can also become motivational speakers and life coaches. Moon in Tenth House is good for farming especially cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Ample of opportunities arrive to travel to foreign lands for business trips.

     Moon is an impressionable planet. Co-tenants and lord of the signs decide the type of business or career the native may choose. Moon along with friendly planets like Jupiter, Venus or Sun and astrological signs like Cancer, Leo, Pisces or Taurus signs gives far better results. Struggles are possible if malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu are co-tenants. 

    Tenth House is a great placement for Moon. But in case its afflicted then its best to pray to Lord Shiva or Lord Hanuman. Natives are advised to stay away from frictions at workplace in case Moon is influenced by malefics. 


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