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     Moon in Ninth House is in the house of his friend Jupiter. Ninth House rules over religion, higher education, long distance travel, living in foreign countries among other things. Moon blesses the native with great faith in spirituality and native derives good happiness from parents and relatives. There are chances of travel to foreign lands via sea route or crossing the sea via air route. There can also be long distance travels for religious purposes or higher studies. Moon in Ninth House showers profits from far distance lands. Moon placed in a friendly sign gives good benefits from brothers, sisters and relatives.

      Fortune starts smiling after twenty-six years of native's life have passed. Although in some cases it may take much longer for fortune to smile. Moon in Ninth House can bless native with a job in printing press or even give good profits via an off-shore businesses. If an opportunity arises to study or live abroad natives are advised to take it with both hands. Fortune will smile on them in foreign countries as long as there are no bad influence on Moon. Education is generally great. Natives can have an excellent career in import-export business

     Moon in Ninth House is generally considered very good. But if there are bad influences then natives are advised to pray to Lord Dattatreya. Ninth House is the house of guru or teacher who teaches meaning of life and takes you closer to Supreme Conscious aka God. Prayers to Lord Shiva and Guru Dattatreya are ideal as both of them are good teachers. 

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