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     9th house is the house of fortune. Also known as Bhagya Sthana in Vedic Astrology, 9th house has influence over matters of religion, higher education, long distance travels, divination, philosophy and mysticism. 9th house is the place where spirit takes over the mind and all the negativity and depression of life is replaced by optimism and broad mindedness. 9th house encourages a person to find true meaning of life and venture into the unknown with vigor and vitality. It is the ideal house to its predecessor 8th house which destroys.

     One of the Laxmi Sthanas 9th house is the house of good fortune and hope. The greatest benefic Guru is the karaka for 9th house although some text mention Surya as its karaka. 9th house along with 11th house guarantee peace and prosperity to an individual. Although happiness is derived from 4th house, 9th house is the source of finding inner-happiness and peace of mind. 9th house rules Dharma. Dharma doesn't necessarily equate to religion or religious activities. From a astrological point of view Dharma actually means duties and obligation that a person has to fulfill. As Shakespeare rightly put it- "The World is a stage and we are all actors". Everyone has to perform a specific task in the big machinery. 9th house is the place where one becomes aware of meaning of life but more importantly he becomes aware of his Dharma or Duty as a Person. Depending on planets and aspects a person may become religious, seek higher education, wander off to foreign lands and even try asceticism and divination. All of this are just to find the higher purpose in life. When a person finds meaning to his existence he is ready to try and attain his purpose in life through 10th house.

     From materialistic point of view 9th house is the house of fortune. When you want maximum returns from minimum efforts and investment one has to pray for a good 9th house. A powerful 9th house can guarantee a successful, charming and influential individual in the social sphere. Individuals who plan to settle abroad and live a happy life should have a favorable 9th house. Aspirants of higher studies also need to look at the 9th house and favorable aspects on it before applying for higher education. Any sort of association through planets or aspects with Vishnu Sthanas or Laxmi Sthanas is ideal for 9th house. Also association with 2nd house and 11th house is good. Association with the hell houses is not desirable from a materialistic viewpoint but may not be bad from spiritual perspective. 

     9th house is the house that guarantees your life is easygoing and filled with happiness. A person with good 9th house is lucky and gets help in all spheres of life. A person with unfavorable 9th house gets minimum returns through maximum efforts and has to work hard to get anything moving in life. 

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