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     Vishnu Sthanas also known as Kendra Sthanas are the quadrant of 1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th House¬†respectively. Each of them rules an important aspect of life's goal. 1st house provides Dharma, 10th house provides Artha, 7th house provides Kama while 4th house provides Moksha.¬†

     There is a reason why these houses are named as Vishnu Sthanas. Lord Vishnu is called the Palanhaar or Provider. He is charged with the duty of providing basic amenities of life to the people to survive. In similar manner the 4 houses of Vishnu Sthanas are charged with providing the basic amenities of life for survival. 1st house provides health and character, 4th house provides education, nurturing and shelter, 7th house provides progeny and partner to reach higher conscious and 10th house provides fame, popularity and social standing.

     In Vedic Astrology if there is strength in Vishnu Sthanas it is observed that all the evils in Dushamsthanas or other house can produce no harm to the native. If none of the 4 houses in Vishnu Sthana have strength then native cannot make anything out of himself no matter how hard he tries. Most of the auspicious yoga involve Vishnu Sthanas in one way or other.¬†

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