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     5th house is the house of romance, fame and instant fortune. Along with the 9th house and 12th house it is the sure shot guarantee that you would lead a materialistic and pleasurable life if it is in good condition. It controls fame, politics, theatre, gambling, knowledge, children and romance. The karaka for 5th house is Guru but according to Western Astrologers it is Shukra or Surya.

     5th house is one of the laxmi sthanas. 5th house is the karaka for knowledge. While it is not equivalent to a degree in modern day, knowledge is more important on any day compared to fake degrees and achievements. It provides fame to an individual be it negative or positive. A good planet like Guru, Shukra or Chandra in a favourable rashi has a good chance of positive and lasting fame while a negative Rahu or combination with good planets could lead to negative publicity and much public scrutiny. For those who think "There is no such thing as bad publicity" Rahu along with some good planet is a good combo to have in the 5th house. 5th house also provides chances of gambling and instant fortune. You have quite a good chance of winning a lottery, getting lucky at the casino, drawing huge returns from short-term trading. A politician or actor requires a good 5th house to be in constant limelight. Bear in mind a Politician and a successful film stars have other good combination of planets to separate them from the rest.

     5th house along with 9th house in some text represents past life sins/good karmas which give bad or good fruits in this life. While it is not an alternate to pure love of 4th house, 5th house provides a good alternate in terms of attraction, lust and romance. While a graha such as Shukra or Chandra in occupancy, 5th house could ensure a love on scale of Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjhaana or Anarkali-Salim. A graha like Rahu with Shukra or Chandra could provide a illicit relationship with many partners outside of wedlock in 5th house. Please take a note that romance and marriage are two different things. Romance and Marriage to the same person is rarely possible and only possible when 5th and 7th house or their lords have some sort of connection in lagna or navamsha chart. Children and matters related to children can be deciphered through 5th house and 5th house lord.

     5th house represents both positive and negative aspects of life. It is the house of fame, fortune and knowledge but at the same time it is also a nesting place for drugs, illicit affairs and criminal activities. The planets rashi and placement of 5th house lord ultimately decide the choices in life that an individual is likely to undertake. Broadly speaking 5th house is great for people craving for materialistic life. For people who are into emotional and spiritual progress it is better to look elsewhere in a horoscope.

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