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     Moon in Fourth House is in his own house. Placement of Moon in Fourth House is considered very auspicious. The native begets good house, inherits land property, may have irrigational land and abundant cattle wealth which provides rich business in animal husbandry. Also native benefits from good cars and vehicles. But the greatest benefit of Moon in Fourth House is that mother is the embodiment of Goddess who showers all the love and affection on the native. The greatest source of unconditional love is the mother. Moon in Fourth House blesses native with a mother who is loving, caring, kind and affectionate. The native is pampered and loved to the point where he/she becomes spoilt.

     If there are malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu along with Moon then there could be problems like loss of property, death of mother, losses in agriculture, transport business failure or losses via cattle rearing. Even aspects of these malefics could provide some sort of difficulties. But placement of Jupiter and Venus could provide a great land property. If Sun is associated or aspects Moon then native could have a great farm land and could see great profits via farming. If there is movable sign(Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn Sign) then chances of living abroad increase. 

     As long as there are no aspects or placement of enemy planets Moon in Fourth House is a very favorable placement. For those having problems due to associations of malefics with Moon in fourth house should pray to Goddess Durga as she is the mother of the Universe. Also helping out ones own mother with daily chores is advised. It would go a long way to help lessen bad effects of malefics with Moon in Fourth House. 

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