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     Moon in Third House is in the house of its enemy Mercury. Moon represents the mind and mental behavior of the native while Mercury represents the nervous system, thinking patterns and youthful exuberance. Moon is calm while Mercury is talkative. Moon is emotional, kind-hearted and goes with emotions while Mercury is calculative and analytical. Naturally Moon feels unwelcome in the third house where calculations, analysis and logic reign supreme. But there are bright sides as well. Moon in third house provides good relationship with brothers and sisters. In particular the sister of the native would be caring and affectionate and provide abundant love and care for the native.

     Moon in third house also provides opportunities for travels especially if there is movable sign(Aries Sign, Cancer Sign, Libra Sign or Capricorn Sign) in the third house. Third house also looks after communications, public relations, media, courage and neighbors among other things. These all things tend to benefit as long as there is a favorable horoscope sign and no aspects or placement of enemy planets. The native often has to change his line of work and travels are frequent. If there is an association with Venus the the native may have a good career in Movies or Television or any career related to media. Moon in third house provides ample opportunity to be a dramatic writer. 

     Natives with Moon in third house are advised to pray to Vishnu and Shiva as Vishnu is the deity for Mercury and Shiva is a deity for Moon. Giving gifts to sister especially younger ones and little girls to lessen the harsh effects are also advised. Moon is a female and Mercury being significator for youth provides rich benefits if gifts are given to young sisters and small girls. If not then gifts and help to older sisters/brothers also provide blessings of third house and its lord (Mercury) and tenant (Moon). 

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