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     Moon in Fifth House is in the house of its friend Jupiter. Moon in Fifth House makes the native happy and intelligent. The Fifth House represents fame, knowledge, romance and children. Native begets good fame and fortune and gets quick returns in stock markets. If Moon has strength then native may even gain from gambling. The native whether a male or female can have good female company and benefits from them.

    The fifth house represents progeny. If there are malefics influencing Moon then there could be problems with children or there could be problem conceiving child. If there are friendly planets like Jupiter or Venus influencing Moon then native begets intelligent, beautiful and obedient children who strengthen native's social standing. Moon in Fifth House is known to bless natives with beautiful and obedient girl child. 

     Fifth House is a good placement for Moon. Native begets fame, fortune, romance and good children. Natives are advised to pray to Lord Dattatreya to lessen malefic influence. Lord Dattatreya was a child born by blessings of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He is the ideal son and he has wisdom par excellence. Native is also advised to treat his daughters if any or woman around him with respect and dignity. Native should also provide service to teachers and preists to get blessings of Fifth House and its lord Jupiter.


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