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     Moon in the Second House is in the house of its friend Venus. As long as Moon is not associated with malefics it would give good results. The second house in a horoscope deals with speech, family and savings. With Moon in second house native is blessed with a good and caring family and also sufficient inheritance. His own savings may also be great. Both males and females are blessed with a lovely voice although for males natives the pitch of the voice being low may appear to be a bit feminine. Perhaps speech could be made fun by peers and friends.

     Depending on the horoscope sign the native maybe very wealthy especially if there is friendly sign. If there are malefics like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars influencing Moon then there could be problems with family members and troubles with saving wealth. Speech could also be defective. Generally Moon in second house is considered good for natives but depending on sign and co-tenants the opposite could also be true. 

     If there are speech problems then one must pray to Goddess Saraswati. If there are malefics along with Moon then there could be trouble saving money. In those case its best to pray to Kubera or Goddess Laxmi. If income comes via speech or singing then prayers to Goddess Saraswati are advised as she is the goddess who rules over music, education and speech.

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